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David van Rest says:
3 May 2020

Discourage flushing of wet wipes

The packet of ‘Andrex Washlets Classic Clean’ from Kimberley-Clarke says “Flushable”.
Though technically correct, it is surely irresponsible. Washlets contribute to ‘Fatbergs’ in sewers.
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kennyr says:
7 May 2020

Readly, e-publications subs and VAT

E-publication platform ‘Readly’ not willing to reduce subscriptions since introduction of zero rated VAT on magazines etc on 1 May. Effectively adding 20% to their profits and flouting Gov advice.
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Steven Thomas says:
7 May 2020

Be realistic about cancelled flights.

It is immoral for the Which? editor to expect taxpayers to bail out passengers for cancelled by flights. The taxpayer supports NHS, welfare and the economy and passengers should insure themselves.
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13 May 2020

Package Holidays deposits and full payments due

I booked my holiday before the coronavirus with Tui. I paid £600 deposit but my full balance is due at the end of May 2020. Should I just cancel and probably lose the deposit or pay the balance.
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Jas says:
18 May 2020

[subject]Which Convo Polls
Not sure why Which have the current On-Line Poll:-
“Are you avoiding pubs and restaurants following the Government’s advice on social distancing?”
Thought they were all shut?[/subject]

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Bampy says:
22 May 2020

With most countries going into huge national debt, where is money they are borrowing coming from?

The corona virus pandemic has caused many countries run up huge national debt. If nearly all countries are doing this. Where are the loans coming from? Who do we owe all this money to?
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