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Andy says:
1 September 2019

John Lewis 7 year guarantee outsourced and now worthless

Bought a John Lewis 1200 pocket sprung mattress 5.5 years ago, got very uncomfortable recently, told by JL a third party tech would check it, then told was just wear and tear, not covered by warranty
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2 September 2019

Hey Andy,

Let’s pick this up in the Consumer rights discussion, as I’m sure a lot of the people there can advise on what your rights are in terms of warranty: https://conversation.which.co.uk/shopping/consumer-rights-complaints-faulty-problems/

sachakins says:
10 September 2019

Ditch your fixed line broadband for mobile internet!

BB Was 38mb £26.50pm, SIMO £20 100GB 5000mins, Ditched BB. Got Asus router wrt 4g USB compatible £35, now 55-69MB. MAKE SURE mobile deal allows unlimited tethering with good 4g signal SAVING £26.50pm.
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18 September 2019

Should immobilisers be banned

My Hyundai 110 has an intermittent fault which leads the immobiliser to prevent the engine from firing on start . Other makes of car are also subject to this . Should immobilisers be banned ?
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Nigel says:
23 September 2019

Banks Authorised Push Payment Scam Code

Are the banks honouring their pledges in a timely manner … I am learning painful lessons that they may not be
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Alison says:
27 September 2019

Aedis Liquidation

The liquidators are offering to supply my building project documents from the Company’s records for a fee of £150. I have already paid money to Aedis and just want my build project signed off.
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Merv Rees says:
28 September 2019

I am dismayed and could hardly believe my ears when I heard over the radio about the amount of plastic particles being released and consumed from so called paper Tea Bags!

Which teabags are safe?
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