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4 January 2019

How many members have an underperforming Fitbit?

Fitbit have, via Amazon in particular, promoted the contactless payment feature on their trackers. This feature is currently virtually useless in the U.K. and this should be made much clearer.
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5 January 2019

Help establish a ‘Best Practice Plan’ for Estate Agents to adhere to, in order to help protect customers/consumers from poor advice and negligent services.

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14 January 2019

Are you dissatisfied with your v ing with complaints?Are you dissatisfied with your vets services and their Governing Body the RCVS in dealing with customer complaints?

The Policy and Procedures for dealing with complaints about veterinary services is outlined by their Governing Body, the RCVS. This same information is mirrored on the Which? Web Site, but in reality it is a dead end. The RCVS is self governing and has vested conflict of interests in dealing with its vetinary service members. After 9 months of asking reasonable questions and expecting reasonable answers concerning the vetinary treatments that led to the death of our beloved pet cat, my wife and I are about to make an Official Complaint to the RCVS. I, we, invite you to follow us on our journey here inside the confines of Which?.
The final outcome, based on the fact that in the past 50 years the RCVS has failed some 99% of complainants, should be interesting to say the least.
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Jennifer says:
19 January 2019

Charged for nothing

I recently tried to have wi-fi with pop telecom.
Never went live as promised.
Taking direct debit still.(double amount) .still no service
Phone calls at night demanding money to pay for an BT engineer
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19 February 2019

We have advice on broadband suppliers on the Which? site. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/l/broadband-billing

Alison Barstow says:
23 January 2019

New Development – Can only have BT Broadband/Phone

We live on a new development and can only have BT internet provider! How does this comply with Competition rules! BT have the monopoly over our estate which isn’t fair. Anyone else have this problem?
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26 February 2019

Sorry it has taken us a while to get back to you.

From our research team – ‘Where the Openreach network is present, any provider can use it. But in many locations, other providers opt not to simply because they decide the cost of using the infrastructure isn’t worth it for the number of customers who will sign up. So it’s not a case of BT preventing competition from other providers.’

Tim Small says:
24 January 2019

A feature on mobile phone “Payforit” fraud, and how to prevent it

”Payforit” service mobile fraud where a third party charge (in my case £4.50) appears on your bill without your consent, seems common, there are many cases at the “payforitsucks” web site.
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20 February 2019

It is indeed common (I’ve been a victim of it myself). We did a Convo on it back in October. https://conversation.which.co.uk/technology/payforit-charges-mobile-phone-bill/

malcvolm says:
30 January 2019

Do LED lightbulbs last the claimed 25000 hours

I had about 30 new led bulbs 4 years ago. About 10 have failed. Claimed life 25K hours – this is 3 years on all the time. In Normal use you might expect 15 years or more of life. Are we being conned
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20 February 2019

I’ve heard back from the team and they have tested lifetime of the bulbs and found no problems. They have said that there might be issues with wiring and sent this link over.


A Convo asking if other people have had this problem is certainly a possibility.

20 February 2019

We’re going to ask our Home Research Team about this – thanks for the suggestion.