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1 October 2018

My husband & I had a journey which was very delayed & compensation was agreed but was rail vouchers against another journey. We did not use these. Compensation should be in cash.

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9 October 2018

Tesco’s removal of best before dates on fresh produce

A very bad idea. This is just a way to move old stock with a short life-expectancy onto unsuspecting customers who will find things going rotten in a few days – how will that reduce waste?
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Lisa Thomas says:
10 October 2018

Excessive fuel charges at service stations

Travelling a lot recently I’ve noticed that service stations charge an average of 15-20p per litre more for fuel than regular petrol stations (£1.50 as opposed to £1.30). How do they justify this?
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11 October 2018

investigate stench emitting from Bosch washing machines. Reducing water consumption necessitates the use of sanitiser. Hazardous chemicals polluting the environment?

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Simon says:
15 October 2018

Paper issue versus on-line

Should Which? the Consumers Association, charge a lower subscription to those members who opt for the on-line copy of the magazine, rather than the paper edition?
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24 October 2018

Plastic wrapped fruit and veg

Every supermarket where I live supports plastic wrapped fruit/ veg with the exception of Sainsbury’s . I pay more for the fruit and veg by choosing to shop in my local greengrocer and Sainsburys.
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25 October 2018

Households need Smart Water Meters ?

Government tells consumers to save water. Is not possible to have smart meters (eg as for energy) installed within each household. 6 monthly water bills are virtually useless in helping to cut usage.
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