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8 September 2018

Can’t buy a computer!

I spent 45 minutes attempting to buy a Samsung Tab A at my local PCWorld today but had to cancel my purchase because they needed a mobile phone number. I do not have a mobile phone and do not need one
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11 September 2018

Answering machine

I have completely put an end to nuisance calls on my LANDLINE.
I have simply put a message on my answering machine to advise callers to call my mobile.
And therefore, I NEVER pick-up landline phone.
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14 September 2018

misleading energy supplier renewal deals

Renewal note from energy supplier OneSelect, gives me choice between fixed vs flexible tariff. It uses 2 different estimates of annual fuel consumption to steer you toward the fixed tariff – unfair!
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Harvey Richardson says:
14 September 2018

Fed up with online shops forwarding my details to review sites

I thought GDPR should stop this but I keep getting Third Parties emailing me asking me to review my purchases. One company told me it was ok to share my email to trustpilot, is it?
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15 September 2018

Websites: don’t make me login to unsubscribe

I don’t think unsubscribing from an email digest should mandate login. It’s purposefully laborious to discourage ppl. The Times is worst, you can’t unsubscribe from daily emails without a phonecall!
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grumbler says:
16 September 2018

Washing machine higher spin speeds damage fabrics

It seems the higher spin speed you use the result is that cottons and linens are pulled out of shape and left with semi permanent creases. So why do Which recommend machines with higher spin speeds.
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Rod Watts says:
18 September 2018

Costs of Lorry transportation and deliveries within the UK including pollution control.

As most (if not all) lorries transporting goods within UK appear to foreign made,a large % are also foreign registered.At what cost/advantage/disadvantage to the UK? Does Government have statistics?
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Gibsonmb says:
19 September 2018

VW/Skoda MY19 Specifications and Consumer Rights

Skoda/VW are actively selling MY19 vehicles but have not released the specifications or list pricing. Under tConsumer RIghts, is this legal and if so what are your rights if the spec changes. Discuss.
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