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Dave Renouf says:
2 June 2017

Windscreen repairs

Have you had a windscreen repair or replacement?
Was the windscreen replaced with a genuine original car brand part?
Beware that some companies don’t always replace your windscreen with a genuine car brand but their own brand, unless you specifically ask!
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4 June 2017

Volkswagen issues following diesel emissions recall

Hi, has anyone else experienced an engine management problem a short time after their diesel emissions recall was completed? The fuel injector on my 7 year old 1.6 Bluemotion Golf needed work 2 months following the completion of the emissions recall at a local garage. Prior to that we haven’t had any issues of this kind.
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7 July 2017

Hi Andy – Before I booked in my 1.6 Golf (not BlueMotion) to be modified I asked if the dealer had any reports of problems and was told that they had to look at two Polos for a second time. When I took in the car I asked again and was given the same information and invited to bring the car back if I had a problem. I suspect that your problem is coincidence because I the fuel injection system is not modified as far as I know.

Vincent Rossiter says:
5 June 2017

Car Insurance – new customer quotes

I have car insurance with Aviva and got a quote from them as a new customer which was neraly £90 less than the renewal quote for my existing policy. They did honour the lower quote but it seems that when shopping around don’t forget to check your existing insurer too.
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5 June 2017

Are claims for replacing night storage radiators with direct electric heating valid?

A “home improvement” firm recently pitched an idea to us to replace our night storage radiators with modern direct electric heating radiators employing “fuzzy logic”. The advertising appears to suggest that you only need much lower powered electric heaters of this type, thus saving on electricity. This sounds like misleading advertising to me – what do others think, and does anyone have experience of this? The proposed heaters are by Spanish firm Rointe, which I note has already been ruled against by the ASA regarding one of its adverts.

However if there is something in this, maybe it is worthy of note…

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Bernardeta Jakubczyk says:
6 June 2017


I occasionally use Which? when I am looking for a new product or a home appliance. I find your advice interesting but only useful to a degree. What I am missing, is a clear distinction between products of different price (top end, mid range, basic) and recommendations within these three groups. I was recently looking at washing machines. Apparently, Miele is the best brand, but their products are very pricey – £600 upwards. What I would like to find out would be: what is a really good washing machine at say £300 – 400 price mark.
Another thing. Is there an archive of reviews of older products? A lot of people buy second hand goods now, for which reviews are not available any more. I think that would be very useful as well.
Kind regards.
Bernardeta Jakubczyk

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7 July 2017

Hi Bernardeta – If you subscribe to the Which? magazine, you will have access to back issues from December 2012 onwards, via ‘My account’. Many more issues were available but have been removed. 🙁

7 June 2017

Hi Bernardeta, thank you for contacting us. If you change your search criteria on the Best Buy search page (http://www.which.co.uk/reviews/washing-machines/article/recommendations/which-best-buy-washing-machines) you can re-order the results from ‘Low to high’, this will show the price order of our Best Buys. Our cheapest Best Buy is this model – http://www.which.co.uk/reviews/washing-machines/zanussi-zwf91283w/review

If you have trouble finding anything else on the Which.co.uk website, please contact Which? Member Services http://www.which.co.uk/about-which/contact-us

Citerson says:
8 June 2017

Does UV, Blue LEDs, or silver ions increase the preserving power of fridges ?

Panasonic have introduced their “Hygiene active” Blue LED, and Haier have their “Anti Bacterial Treatment with UV light”, but does anybody know whether they work?

There are reports of 10mW / cm-2 of 405 nm blue light being effective against a range of dangerous bacteria, but does anybody know what the wattage of the LED(s) is, or whether they generate sufficient light?

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DominicO says:
16 June 2017

Mobile network roaming all the time ??

So, now we have an end to roaming charges within the EU I have been considering how the mobile networks might react if I try and take an agreement out with a foreign supplier or network. Sounds strange at first but bear with me.
So, currently with Vodafone UK which is alright as networks go, but there are times when their coverage is poor and one of the others would be better.
So, what would happen if I were to take out a contract with Vodafone France whilst still living in the UK? i.e. Roaming 100% of the time.
Would I be able to roam freely across all the UK networks, with the phone simply selecting it based on the best signal?
I know I would have a French telephone number but assuming I could live with that, what’s to stop me?
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G Bono says:
18 June 2017

Fees from BMI Healthcare

I had an urgent need to have my ear cleaned because I could not ear any more at work. The waiting through the GP was 3 months and for fear of losing my job I went to a private provider, after contacting I found out that the ear specialist was with BMI Health, BMI London International Hospital. I paid for each consultation and then they send me an additional bill that I did not know anything about. There charges were not explained properly and I ended up paying twice from the original invoice. Is there any way to protect people who are using BMI services from this happening to them?
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21 June 2017

Ofcom should instruct BT to make its new Call Protect service available to all other service providers.

BT’s Call Protect service is free to its customers and helps to reduce the number of unwanted spam calls. However, it is using it as promotional leverage to persuade customers from other service providers to switch to BT. We are with Virgin Media and they tell me that they are technically unable to offer a similar call protect service as BT controls the call routing infrastructure and will not share their Call Protect service with other providers. This is unacceptable as spam calls are a national nuisance and often criminal in their intent. If, as it appears, BT can provide a similar filtering service for telephone calls as Internet providers do for emails, this should be made available to all landline telephone users. This appears to be another example of BT acting unfairly in this market.
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24 June 2017

Instructions on how to use this facility

I don’t understand the difference between a “Comment”, an “Idea” and a “Conversation”. What a nightmare way to organise a ?forum, a ?lobby. Too many cooks spoiling the broth methinks. There’s also “Contribute” and “Connect”. Please make your minds up. I would like to see if anyone “comments” or “converses” about this or an earlier ?comment I put in/on the “lobby” but I doubt I’ll ever get back there.
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Beverley Sherlock says:
28 June 2017

Anti-virus software for. Kindle Fire

According to Kaspersky Kindle fire uses a modified version of Android which they do not support. Does anyone know of an antivirus software that works on Kindle fire? The Which reviews do not address this issue
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bishbut says:
29 June 2017

How many people are slaves to their phones ? Mine is my servant I am not it’s slave rushing to answer every time it rings and answering withheld or unavailable numbers just because you think be missing out on being” scammed” Make a calls list and only answer calls from people on that list can be added to or deleted easily Withheld numbers would soon be a thing of the past if no one answered them

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Trina says:
30 June 2017

Solar lease companies

need to be held to account for not being truthful about the negative impact solar lease agreements have on properties…
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