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Brenda says:
11 July 2016

Cost of funerals

Why is the cost of a funeral allowed to increase by so much every year? Much more than the inflation rate and must be of concern to elderly pensioners. Are funeral direcors taking us all for a ride
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12 July 2016

Tesfood food delivery covered in bleach

Half of £285.32 delivery covered in bleach, mostly toiletries and cupboard items but also bread and eggs. Kitchen rug damaged due to transfer from crate. 4 young kids home at time delivery. very stressful. had to wash entire order whilst keeping kids clear… huge order to clean through. Called Tesco customer service to report…. very apologetic…..Tesco store duty manager called back….offered to replace entire order but I could not be home for delivery the following few days as I working. I told him I couldn’t even think straight n was literally going ‘to crack up’ so asked if could phone back later. I did when calm. Damage was verified by delivery driver. I was assured the problem would be sorted by way of good will gesture and rug replacement once dot com manager informed. Day following I received call from different duty manager asking if I was happy all had been sorted????? No….nothing ‘sorted’. As I was at work I asked that he contact me back when suitable solution agreed and not before. 5 days later, I received call from dot com manager 20:41 suggesting I buy a new rug, phone them when I had and then she would ‘send someone round to my house to give me the money’!!!!! What??? After which she would sort something by way of good will gesture. I thought I had misunderstood and repeated back to her. She confirmed and said she wasn’t joking. She sounded very young and had condescending tone. I was so insulted and so angry, I told her I was too angry to speak further and would be contacting her superiors to make complaint. Don’t know how to handle this. Can someone advise please
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12 July 2016

Hi Tara,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having.

Delivering damaged goods is a breach of contract by Tesco, as the retailer is legally responsible for the safe delivery of your order to you. You are legally entitled to a full refund or replacement of the damaged goods.

If you’re having difficulty with this, we have advice on delivery rights here: http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/l/delivery-rights

Mrs Foolish but angry says:
13 July 2016

PPI Claims Management Company Fraud

Yes, hands up, I was foolish to sign up with a CMC to handle my PPI claim, but that’s now water under the bridge. Since August 2015 I have repeatedly asked the company to suspend work on my claim while dealing with my complaint. I’ve done – I think – all the right things: asked for their complaints procedure (still not received one), contacted the Legal Ombudsman, the Information Commissioner etc, but still without resolution.

The most recent action must count as fraud. They have put together a Letter of Authority, including some addresses which are not mine but my ex-husband’s, and have signed and dated it with my copied signature and a date in May 2016, which I patently have not signed. Does anyone have similar experiences?

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18 July 2016

Difference Between Short Stay and Long Stay Car park

There are many parking types and knowing the differences of these will help to choose the most suitable parking option or the operator.
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Quincy Stone says:
21 July 2016

uk hotels

my husband and i occasionally like to visit hotels within an hour or two of our home. Occasionally, about three times a year , we take our now three year old grandson along. Usually they are four star or five star.
When you book on line the price is say: £150 per night for a double room . When you add a child , the cost can rise from £220 to £500. I kid you not! Now i am talking about sharing a room with a toddler. Usually with a put u up beside the bed. To get round this i usually visit the hotel first i.e. Grand Hotel Eastbourne . Having already booked a future visit i ask at reception for a put you up on the future visit, Then its usually an extra £20-£30 which i am happy to pay for their welcome pack , bed time drink and breakfast.
I urge you to try this in similar hotels.
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5 August 2016

Hello Quincy Stone, thanks for sharing your experience of hotels in the UK. We found your idea really interesting and used it as inspiration to write this convo about holidaying in the UK https://conversation.which.co.uk/travel-leisure/bargain-break-britain-travel-tips/

21 July 2016

Bringing sense to the Which? toaster reviews

A] It has not been explained adequately why some firms feature multiple times because of colour whilst others despite a colour palate do not. I am guessing at the use of SKU’s. From a consumers point of view I do not wish to read the same comments seven times – so just tell me once and list the colours or add a colour chart.

Why would anyone read all seven Artisan reviews – the comments appear under one of the seven colours? Quite simply because any comment from a subscriber could appear under any of the colours. This is outstandingly silly. When this was covered around two years ago I thought this point had been understood particularly as Which? staff were only responding on a single colour to adverse comments on kettles.

If you are incapable of merging or, to ignore the colours, please write a program to paste the comments across ALL of the colours you list. Incidentally when you were told that White was being removed from the Chroma range why did you not add the new colours in? This seems very inconsistent.

B] Showing 43 Best Buy toasters Has it occurred to Which? that claiming lots of different toasters are tested and /or are Best Buys but in fact is only 17 choices not 40 plus might seem sharp practice. Imagine going to a dealership with 15 cars claimed and finding a single model in 15 colours.

C] I note that you have not tested Rutland Rowlett toasters despite their factory being with 25 miles of your office.

D] Also you do not mention the availability or not of spare parts. This applies to the Dualit at least.

E] Looking at the Dualit 2 Slot New Gen specifically your technical specs says it has 3 settings. As you should know that is not three settings but the minute markers and you can dial in any seconds pretty much up to 4 minutes. I recommend you make that clear to your testers and also re-test it.

Lift & Look

As you and the testers probably realise there are toasters with “Lift & Look” facility and those that do not have the facility. As an Active Chef I actually monitor my toast as it is being toasted by lifting the toast and making sure all the toast is being cooked as people like it. I should point out that if one has different types of bread, people who like different levels of browness, people who like different thicknesses, then I can provide all of those from one use of my four-slicer.

I can of course rotate too tall slices fully and part rotate others to even up the browning. This is one of the things you learn when you graduate from supermarket white sliced loaves. Bought unsliced loaves and ones own baked loaves can have air-holes and slightly varying density which means an uneven browning. So perfect toast every time.

This degree of control is of course impossible with those toasters that do not have any lift and look facility. Also apparently for testers.

So perhaps Which? ought to recognise that its testing method is flawed being based on a single timed way of toasting. I am surprised that with Dualit scoring so well amonst subscribers that you have not wondered how this can be given your testing which puts these particular types of Dualit on the lowest score level.

Perhaps a good matter for discussion.

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Matthew Stuttard says:
22 July 2016

Automatic refund of overpayment when quitting a utility company

So I just switched from Talk Talk and my final account balance was in credit. Talk Talk asked me to log in to request the refund, and then they also take 10 days to make the refund after receiving my request. Why do they do this when they have all my bank account details? A closing credit could be paid automatically. Should an automatic refund of a closing credit be a regulatory requirement?
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24 July 2016

On-Line Terms and Conditions

Are invariably illegal and provided by a 3rd party Country.
Are invariable.
Do not comply with any known laws other than that dreamed up by scriveners and are such and so deemed invalid and not enforceable.
See my exchange with Black & Decker (UK) … and what happened next ..
especially with the selling and exchange, for monetary gain, of my private and personal data – and also yours … OOPS! … I have just agreed to the T & C’s of Which? … by posting this …
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Robert Taylor says:
25 July 2016

Clearer plastic recycling labelling

Our local council accepts plastics in categories 1 to 6 for kerbside recycling – great! So why is so much plastic packaging marked with “plastic – not currently recycled” or a recycling label that suggests you can’t recycle it at the kerbside, but doesn’t tell you the grade of plastic used in the packaging. Couldn’t all plastic packaging in the UK carry a Resin Identification Code (a triangle with a number) so we know whether we can recycle it in our own locality?
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This idea was chosen on Fri September 2016

16 September 2016

Thanks for sharing this idea @roberttaylor. Your idea was included in @mtrain‘s convo this week ‘Are our recycling efforts a bit rubbish?’, which can be found here https://conversation.which.co.uk/home-energy/recycling-coffee-cups-plastic-cutlery

27 July 2016

Supporting this by spreading the message about [non] recycling of coffee cups


Coffee cup mountain should attract a tax as do plastic bags at supermarkets. They at least survived or were used more than once.

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This idea was chosen on Fri September 2016

16 September 2016

Thanks for sharing this idea @dieseltaylor. Your idea was included in @mtrain‘s convo this week ‘Are our recycling efforts a bit rubbish?’, which can be found here https://conversation.which.co.uk/home-energy/recycling-coffee-cups-plastic-cutlery

Ian says:
28 July 2016

The Lifetime guarantee

Some places offer Lifetime Guarantees but what does ‘Lifetime’ actually mean?
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29 July 2016

Amazon should address this weakness in the UK


Two stage authentication in the US but not here.

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29 July 2016

I recently purchased 2 tickets for a Will Young concert at Houghton Tower. The concert was cancelled due to excessive rain, so the ticket price was refunded by the ticket agents, but heres the catch, Ticketline only refunded the face value of ticket, retaining other costs associated with the purchase.
Ticket price breakdown.
Ticket price £32.50
Ticketline charge per ticket £3.25
Delivery charge £3.95
So the cost of my 2 tickets was £75.45, and when the concert was cancelled a refund of £65 was made. The ticket company have effectively made a profit out of cancelled concert.

Isn’t it time that ticket agency charges were investigated.

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