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bonsai says:
2 December 2015

I find Terms & Conditions hard to read. The box is too often far too small, constant back & forth eye movements, +scrolling, just gets to me. Simpler, shorter, expandable box to review all, please.

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7 December 2015

Caller Number Display should not be an extra charge on landline phone lines

It isn’t an extra charge on mobile phone lines and is necessary to use nuisance call blocking systems. Phone companies should be helping their customers combat nuisance calls not profit from them.
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Gerald Rogers says:
9 December 2015

“Characteristic of the car”

Car manufaturers continualy use the term “Characteristic of the car” to cover up faults, I have emails which I beleive confirm this point.
Like the BMW fuel scandel this issue should be highlighed
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Peter Pool says:
9 December 2015

I not a member I am very surprised that you have not
mentioned BT’s advanced call blocker phone No BT8500 I have had one for over
Six months and have not received one nuisance call in that time

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Robert Graham says:
9 December 2015

Cutting back on ADVERTISING !

FAR TOO MUCH Advertising is RUINING watching TV, listening to RADIO, watching SPORT, and WORST OF ALL – TRYING to Read On-Line News Reports and Newspapers.
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12 December 2015

Book clubs that write, instead of reading, reviewing and recommending books.

If parents, teachers, authors and others share ideas at the time of creating content, would points that come in reviews (quality, relevance, etc) be dealt with early, so kids get the best content?
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John Wells says:
18 December 2015

Wait times for 101 Assistance

Last week I had reason to call the Police Non Emergency on 101 in Devon/Cornwall only to be kept waiting for over 45 minutes without the call being answered. Worth an investigation by Which?
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Alan Short says:
22 December 2015

Damage Waiver Hirfe Car Insurance

I recently hired a car using a damage waiver insurance from a separate company and they didn’t pay out when the car was damaged. I had to pay the Hire Company excess
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28 December 2015

Should retailers be stopped from misleading us about sales?

I believe retailers are misleading us about sales. I had been following a TV I was interested in. At the end of Nov. on their website it was marked £279. Mid Dec. it was £299. Is now ‘on sale’ @£289!
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