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trevor swistchew says:
1 November 2015

Folk ought to be questioning the “wisdom” of wasting billions on nuclear weapons ie Trident while many have no job or house or go to food banks
don’t you think it a disgrace ?
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grumbler says:
2 November 2015


I would like to know by what right companies, organisations ( including Which) feel they have a divine right to impose cookies on our PCs. they are only to enable us to be targeted for adverts.
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Nick Martindale says:
4 November 2015

Oppose the attack on consumer rights represented by TTIP, CETA and TiSA.

These pacts would be devastating for consumers:
-LOWER food standards
-LOWER drug safety standards
-LOWER regulation on a whole range of products.
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5 November 2015

Ask Restaurant is using QKR App. Beware Ts&Cs!

Use an app to order extra items/pay your bill quickly. Sounded good so I registered. But when I read Terms I was horrified. You sign your rights away! They foul up, you pay!
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Fred Terris says:
6 November 2015

How long is it acceptable for suppliers to refund monies after switching -i.e. Extra Energy ?

I received my final bill from EE dated 22/10, advising my balance would be refunded “on or about 01/11”. They’re now advising it won’t be paid for 6-8 weeks due to “billing problems”. Thoughts?

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JNB says:
10 November 2015

Admonishing Which management for misleading membersawarding Aldi the title of supermarket of the year.

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alfa says:
12 November 2015

Why do all red wines seem to be just about drinkable but not enjoyable?

Is it just me but do too many red wines seem to all taste the same these days and be barely drinkable? Why can’t I find a nice smooth red wine at a reasonable price?
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Christopher Taylor says:
15 November 2015

That when we buy a tablet the makers should give us some idea of its lifespan expectancy.

When we buy a product we usually have some idea how long it will last. Not so, it would seem with the iPad 2. Mine cost around £500 and suddenly died when only 4 years old. Apple mystified, no repair
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Chippyal says:
17 November 2015

See through long-life plastic carrier bags.

A good idea to have such bags for use at big events such as gigs/sports events/exhibitions during these risky periods . These would allow visitors to carry essential items and help security.
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Beryl says:
19 November 2015

Can we persuade all local councils to assist the elderly in the emptying of very heavy bins where the collection point is a long way from people’s property?

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Andy Stuart says:
22 November 2015

Equity Release Schemes are they being miss-sold?

When your parents tell you that they have released equity from your inheritance (their House). Your parents were told “If you release 10% of the equity only 10% will ever be owed” but that’s not true.
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Scrumsrus says:
22 November 2015

Equity Release Schemes

Are equity release schemes being mis-sold? The information given doesn’t match the product design, if you take 30% equity from the property the level of debt will rise above 30% costing you dear
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brat673 says:
24 November 2015

Testing of energy meters

I don,t like the idea of having to pay to have say an electric meter checked. Trading standards check weights and measures. The meter does not belong to the consumer so why pay to have it tested.
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25 November 2015

Anyone have issues with the quality of EE’s mobile signal e.g. conversation impossible due to words being “clipped” or impossible to hear?

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MrsVB says:
28 November 2015

Mobile phone contracts

Why are new contracts all 4g when some of us cant even use 3g in the areas we live and work? We are forced to pay for a service that isn’t provided.
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kevin caton says:
29 November 2015

Pop up Adverts confusing people with registered Eye Conditions

I am an old age pensioner that suffers and is on medication for an
eye condition, my browsing and even a skype call to loved ones
are a complete waste of time and effort every time an advert pops up.
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