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dieseltaylor says:
9 August 2015

Report on TTIP negotiations between US and the EU

The pan -European consumers organisation BUEC is providing important information on the negotiations . As Which? is a consumer organisation would it care to bring the BUEC information to subscribers?
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6 November 2015

Hi Diesel, thanks for sharing your idea about TTIP. We’re feeding our views into BEUC who are working on this, as you’ve pointed out.

There are potential benefits, such as reduced prices and increased choice, but there are also risks. I mentioned this to John below, but we’re very opposed to the inclusion of an investor-state dispute resolution (ISDS) clause and want to see absolutely no dilution of regulatory standards that protect consumers. At a minimum, it’s absolutely imperative that existing consumer rights are not watered down by any potential deal.

Given how complex TTIP is and that BEUC has a programme of work on it that we’re feeding into, we won’t be repeating it at a UK-only level.

PS. We seem to have a little bug at the moment which means this Ideas section is only looking at the first digit of the number – we’ll get that fixed which would mean this idea would be higher up!

malcolm r says:
26 August 2015

Consumer protection – product durability

Applying the Sale of Goods Act would give consumers redress for defective appliances, or ones that lack reasonable durability including poor design and components. I’d like Which? to focus on this.
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