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Which? Legal Hour: Employment

Which Legal Hour

What questions do you have about employment? The Which? Legal team may be able to help.

We’re excited to welcome back the team from Which? Legal to Which? Conversation for the next in our series of Legal Hour events on Tuesday, 18 May.

The team is excited to hear what questions you have about employment.

They’ll also offer guidance on how to find the best solution in the comments below.

If they’re able to answer it, the team will explain the legal position and any difficulties you may have.

Meet the Which? Legal Team

How the Legal Hour works

Suggest your questions

The Employment questions lounge closed at 12pm (noon) on Monday, 17 May. While you can no longer submit questions, you are welcome to vote for what you’d like to see answered first.

ℹ How do I submit a question?

Visit the Question lounge and choose “Share my idea”. The box will then expand to give you space to write and expand on your question.

You do not need to have a Which? Conversation account to submit a question.

Watch this animation:

Vote for questions you’d like to see answered

This helps us prioritise which questions to address first.

ℹ How do I vote on questions?

To vote up or down on a question you will need to be signed in to your Which? Conversation account.

Once you’re signed in, tick the arrow next to the question in order to vote for it.

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Come back to see the answers

We’ll post the Which? Legal team’s answers to your questions in the comments below on Tuesday, 18 May.

Comments on this post will open shortly ahead of posting answers. While we’ll post the answers over the course of the hour, these will stay up long after the event.

About Which? Legal

Which? Legal is Which?’s legal service – it’s been helping consumers find solutions to their legal challenges since 1976.

The team of legal advisers can work with members by phone or email, and offer step by step guidance through the legal process.

ℹ What issues can Which? Legal help with?

Which? Legal covers the following areas of law:

  • Consumer law – problems with products and services you buy
  • Parking fines
  • Holiday rights
  • Help and advice for small business on goods and services they purchase when acting as a consumer i.e. not for resale.
  • Tenancy help and advice to private residential tenants and private landlords
  • Civil neighbour disputes regarding hedges, light and boundaries
  • Wills and Probate help and advice

The team can help and advise you in respect of the above from an initial problem right to the court door (provided your claim falls within the small claims procedure – with a value of less than £10,000 in England and Wales, £5,000 in Scotland, or £3,000 in Northern Ireland).

Check if Which? Legal can help you

Find out more about Which? Legal

Need more help?

If you’d like more in-depth, affordable advice from a legal adviser, call and join Which? Legal today.

You can find out more and join by phoning 0117 405 4854.

You can also join Which? Legal online.

ℹ More information about joining Which? Legal

Which? Legal membership is £38 for the first month (this includes a £29 joining fee and the first monthly payment of £9) and £9 a month after that. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

Legal advisors are available by appointment Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays.

If you have any questions about joining the service, you can get in touch by phone or email on 0117 405 4854 or wls@which.co.uk.

Comments on this post will open on Tuesday, 18 May.


Afternoon everyone. I’m one of the Employment Solicitors here at Which? Legal. I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you!’ to everyone for the great questions that were submitted.