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Reporting a site issue

If you’re experiencing an error with anything on Which? Conversation (e.g. a broken link, difficulty logging on, etc.) please give us the details using the form below.

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    Known issues

    Here are a current list of current issues you may be experiencing on the site. This list will be updated regularly as bugs are reported and repaired.

    Last updated: 21 February 2022

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    Password not being accepted after password change (current)

    We’re investigating an issue where some users have changed their password, however the new password is not accepted when trying to log in.

    If you are experiencing this, please contact us using the form above and a moderator will be able to change your password manually for you.

    Report Comment button disappears (current)

    On rare occasions, when a comment has been reported one or more times, the text of the Report button will disappear and be replaced with an empty, non-functional button.

    This error appears inconsistently and very rarely. If there is a comment you’d like to report where the report button is not working, please get in touch via our contact page and include the link to the comment in question.

    User Avatars not appearing (Resolved)

    This issue was resolved on 18 February 2022.

    Images on posts not appearing (Resolved)

    We’re investigating an issue where the headline images on posts are failing to appear, or appear briefly before being replaced with a broken image placeholder.

    This issue does not affect the text of each post, or other site functionality.

    Update: this issue was resolved on 18 February 2022

    Users not appearing as loggedin after supplying login credentials (RESOLVED 18 February 2022)

    After signing in, the toolbar continues to show the Sign In / Register link, rather than one’s display name. When attempting to click on Sign In / Register again, the login modal window does not appear. When you navigate to a different page on the site however, you are now logged in.

    This is caused by an error in how the site caches data. You are in fact logged in, however the site has not immediately refreshed to demonstrate this.

    This usually will correct itself as the site recaches, or you can also attempt to correct by doing a hard reload of the page (Shift + F5 in Windows, or CMD + Shift + R in Mac)

    Update February 2022: We’ve deployed a fix for this issue. If you’re continuing to experience this issue, please contact us via the form above.

    Password Reset emails not sending (RESOLVED – 16 August 2021)

    This issue was resolved on 16 August 2021.

    We’re currently experiencing an error where password reset emails are not being sent out. When inputting your username or email address and clicking the button to receive a new password, users either expeirence an error message, or nothing at all.

    We’re working on a fix for this urgently. In the mean time, if you need your password reset, please get in touch via the Get in touch page, or by the above form, and the Moderation team will be able to reset your password manually.

    If you are unable to login, and comment while logged out using the same email address you used to register, your comments will be connected to your user account at the end of each day.