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Your view: pensioners save on trains, travel and trims

Speech bubble

Earlier this week, we asked whether you’d discovered any perks or benefits for being a little bit older and a lot wiser when it comes to saving money. We’ve rounded up some of your best comments.

Both Wavechange and Rajabalzarahni told us they enjoyed the discounts that come with holidays. Wavechange said he benefits from having more time to research the holiday, and he can be more flexible with his travel dates. Rajabalzarahni said:

‘I was on holiday in Malaysia a couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised to note that they have reduced entry fees or free entry to museums, historical sites etc. for over 55s including foreign tourists.’

Discounted travel fares

But, for most, it’s not the savings on jetting off that make the difference – it’s the day-to-day travel costs. Phil told us he treats himself to first class train tickets thanks to his Senior Railcard. And Keith64 told us:

‘By far the best senior perk is the Freedom Pass. It’s the best present I’ve ever received, bar none. I’d be happy to give up all other discounts and handouts for seniors just to keep this one.’

Lessismore had a word of caution highlighting that not all pensioners are able to take up the offers available due to access difficulties:

‘Many don’t have good mobility or sight and hearing to get there let alone enjoy properly what is on offer. Everybody is now expected to work and there are fewer volunteers to transport people around. Many pensioners aren’t able to access the internet to find it. It would be good if some of those who felt that they did not need a benefit could re-distribute it really easily to somewhere or something where they felt it was needed and would be of greater use.’

Snipping the price of a haircut

Finally, Malcolm has a silver-lining (or silver-trimming) for pensioners:

‘I’ve been tearing my hair out to think of a positive benefit – then remembered haircuts. My local barber offers a trim to “senior citizens” (nicer than “pensioner”) for £8.50 Monday to Thursday instead of £13. I take advantage of that 4 times a year. An added bonus is that the lady shearer who lowers my ears usually asks me for £13, and I have to point out I qualify for the reduced price. Nice not to look your age (or perhaps it’s a marketing ploy to flatter you).’

Malcolm’s comment made us chuckle and gets him our Comment of the Week. Have you any tips you’d like to share? Are there any discounts you wish came with retirement?


In Italy if you are an senior citizen and have your passport you can get into all the historic sites free

There are as many discounts and treats on offer for students, young people, families with young children etc. Good to see pensioners enjoying some recognition as well.

wyloman says:
19 January 2014

I would like a freedom card what ever that is as for rail card for seniors if you can afford 1 or 2 trips ayear you dont get any benefit with rail fairs being very expencive i cant aford a 50 mile journey. from our station a return is £60 each that is what we have to live on a week after bills no hp.

Carole says:
28 January 2014

I would not be able to go out and about if it was not for my freedom pass, my senior rail card and national express coach card yes you pay for the last two but they soon pay for them selves valuable when you have family all overthe country

wyloman a freedom pass is what you get at 60 + in london they are free but have heard some councils you have to pay for the card then get free travel. you can theoretically travel from lands end to john a groats on buses

I don’t think you can go to John o’ Groats [or anywhere else in Scotland, or in Wales or Northern Ireland] with a London Council Freedom Pass, but you can use it on many local bus services outside Greater London. You can also use it on all of Transport for London’s extensive rail services. What is little known is that holders of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme bus pass can also use it on London buses – eligible visitors to London don’t need to get an Oyster card for bus travel. And what is also little known is that people over 65 with a Senior Railcard who live outside Greater London but also have an Oyster card can have their Senior Railcard “loaded” onto the Oyster card so that they get one third off London Underground and Overground fares.

Order a haircutter from internet and cut hair yourself
for free OR get yr loved one to do it free
(mine does)….. a discounted 4 x £8.50 per yr is something
I call a discretionary payment that can be avoided

Myself and my husband can get consession theatre tickets here in Fife Council Theatres…and as I am disabled and my husband is my career….he gets in for free at some shows….