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What’s your favourite world city?

For most of the years we’ve been running our world city survey, Cape Town has hogged first place. This year we have a new winner – but what’s your favourite?

Our readers have rated New Orleans as the number one long-haul city to visit for 2020.

Why? Maybe it’s the music. This is the birthplace of jazz, after all. Or maybe it’s the way way it mixes Creole and Cajun culture – it’s said to be a city quite unlike any other.

The weather helps, as does the fact that you can now fly there directly with British Airways. In truth, though, it’s probably the doughnuts – the famous French beignets that you’ll end up eating, morning, noon and night.

Sights and sounds of the city

If you are planning a visit, we’ve rounded up The Big Easy’s top five sights, including its best live music on Frenchmen Street and its famous street cars.

Elsewhere in our destination surveys, readers rated Kraków the best city break in Europe – the only one to receive the full five stars for value for money.

Puerto Calero, Lanzarote was rated the best Canary Islands resort and, as we discussed back in June, Bamburgh is Britain’s best seaside town.

Your favourites

As for UK city breaks, our readers opted for Somerset’s Wells for its cultural attractions, including its magnificent cathedral:

How do you feel about the results of our destination surveys? Do you think New Orleans deserved to take the top spot from Cape Town? And what are your city-break tips?

Let us know your favourite cities of the world in the comments.


This is all highly subjective, isn’t it? 🙂

I love Bamburgh, but the last time I went you could get your dinner only in one place up the hill if you wanted it after 18:30…

New Orleans was fantastic, I loved it, felt at home, and I’d go back. It really is a city quite unlike any other, American and European, fantastic music and food, great people, on the legendary Mississippi, not too far from nature either.

You can’t follow talking about NO by talking about Wells or anywhere in the Canaries…

Paris can follow NO’s act, however. Paris the best city in the world. But I don’t know Cape Town. Can it follow Paris’ act? 🙂

Saigon – but really just the whole of Vietnam! Such an amazing country

I have not been abroad for years and prefer having my holidays in rural areas. Next topic please.

First, a holier than thou comment – a little insincere I must add (not being too much of a hypocrite). This topic rather sums up our attitude to restraining global warming. Promoting leisure visits to far away places. Travelling by air. Not only that, but promoting British Airways for its direct flight to the top city 4624 miles away; and only just after Which? told us on 17th January “Flying with British Airways can increase CO2 emissions by up to 45 per cent per passenger…“.

We won’t stop travelling for fun, will we? I have not gone abroad for many years so I’m put of date. Then I liked Hong Kong (it was pre-takeover) for all its bustle, restaurants, views but not for its grime – I remember looking at streetlights that were simply black from pollution. Possibly Damascus, for its unspoiled feel, markets and bath houses. That was then. Now? Well I’m not a city fan; I much prefer a tranquil rural or seaside location rather than noise, pollution, contrived sights and the same shops.

Pollution is another factor that keeps me away from cities. When I visited London a few years ago I had to visit the nearest hospital to obtain additional treatment for my asthma.

I’ve taken the bus from Edinburgh to Paris a couple of times. 😉 (When I was younger… 🙂 )

Amsterdam, because I just love how open minded everyone is and the feel of the place. It feels like anyone can be who they want to be there and that’s why I love it. I also love a lot of the music festivals and the music culture which takes place in Amsterdam and how embracing people are. Dance music is a huge passion if mine so that’s why it appeals to me so much as well.