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Will this year’s travel chaos affect next year’s holidays?

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For travel companies, the countdown to Boxing Day has already begun. But allegedly the travel chaos in 2010 has damaged next year’s trade, with more of us choosing to avoid holidaying overseas.

How long will it be before you’ll see your first telvision ad for the summer holidays? In fact, it wasn’t so many years ago that there were queues of people outside travel agents on Boxing Day eagerly waiting to collect the new paper brochures.

But this year, the holiday headlines haven’t been good. Snow at the start of the year, strikes, volcanic ash and company bankruptcies have all damaged the travel industry. Plus, there were even more reasons to stay at home in the UK, such as warm weather in June and July and the World Cup.

Apparently all of this has influenced our travel decisions next year. Recent research by carhiremarket.com found that one in four Brits have changed next year’s holiday plans as a result of 2010’s travel chaos, while 21% won’t be going on holiday at all next year. Though this research does fail to mention that every year 35% of Brits don’t go on holiday anyway.

Have all these problems really scared us away from holidaying overseas? Will more of us stay at home, or will we be just as determined to get our two weeks of guaranteed sunshine? The travel industry will be chewing their finger nails in anticipation over the coming weeks.

Travellers are remarkably resilliant, and instead of being scared into inaction, the problems of 2010 will hopefully force people to ask more (and better) questions of our holiday providers.

I’m hoping that people will challenge travel agents to give us the best value for money, choose insurance policies that cover all of our worries, and we’ll vote with our wallets to ensure our holiday (or at least our money) is as secure as it can be.

pickle says:
15 November 2010

It’s almost sure to affect next year’s travel abroad. The deficit savings will also affect travel. We will be better off holidaying in this country.

Sophie Gilbert says:
16 November 2010

I normally spend two one-week holidays a year away from home. One year I stayed in Britain both times and it pelted down with rain and it was cold both times. Never again. Facing chaos for some guaranteed sunshine and heat is well worth it to me.

lamy says:
1 December 2010

cant beat the highlands of scotland and the £ in your pocket is worth the same,no more spending half your holiday waiting in airport queues ,also being ripped off by holiday companies

Apparently there were around 160,000 flights cancelled in Europe last year, mainly due to the Icelandic ash cloud. That makes me question whether it’s worth booking this year.