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Where in the world will 2013 take you?

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As festive celebrations come to an end and another year begins, you might need a bit of cheering up. But what’s the best way to start 2013 with a smile? I say, book a holiday!

I love my job. As editor of Which? Travel I get to talk about holidays and travelling to fantastic destinations on a daily basis. In the morning I can be editing copy on Barcelona, by lunchtime I may be looking at photographs of Hong Kong. During the afternoon it’s off to think about the best ways to enjoy the highlights of New Zealand.

There is a downside though – my bank balance is suffering! Discussing amazing places to visit makes me want to go there myself and I already have three holidays planned for 2013.

I always go on a January skiing holiday in Europe, but after publishing a destination special for our most recent issue, I’ve found myself booking a week’s holiday on a Greek island in May. I’ve just bought flights to Reykjavik for March too.

I shouldn’t really use up my holiday allowance so early on in the year, but apparently this winter is tipped to be the best time to observe the planet’s greatest natural light show, the northern lights. The aurora borealis has entered the most spectacular phase of its 11-year cycle and scientists reckon there’ll be a peak in activity around the March equinox. That was enough to convince me to delve into my savings. Okay, so I’ve got other holidays to look forward to, but 2013 is the year to visit Iceland. I’m so excited!

The world is your oyster

Since Which? first published a holiday magazine back in 1974, holidays have changed so much. Back then, people were thinking about visiting the ‘continent’ for the first time, but not sure where to go and what to expect once there. Fast forward 39 years, and now the world really is your oyster.

If you want to visit somewhere, even if it’s in the most remote part of the world, you can bet that there will be a travel company that is willing to get you there, or an airline that has a route there.

And although many of us still go on a traditional fortnight’s summer holiday, many others are travelling throughout the year, often visiting destinations for just a couple of days.

For me, looking forward to heading away is almost as much fun as the holiday itself. And I’ve noticed that the minute I come home from one break I tend to book the next, even if it’s just a weekend in the UK.

So have you booked a holiday for 2013 yet? Or are you still wondering where to go?


Hearing the news that the Tories have taken the honourable and correct course and resigned en mass – That would raise a smile for me.

I’m not great at forward planning holidays and I’m not quite sure where to go yet this year. It’s a question of whether to go all out with my savings to somewhere afar, or to save money and keep it European. Any suggestions Convo community?

By the way Richard, please try and keep on the topic of holidays. Thanks.

Jean says:
3 May 2013

I have been looking at going to Mexico in September, preferable a couples holiday, so I have been on the Thomson Couples holiday site a few times, each time I view, the same hotel, it has increased in price, I have been told that if you show an interest in a holiday several time the price will increase as they know you are interested, is this the case and can they legally do this? in 3 weeks the holiday I was looking at increased by over £200!