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Convo quiz: can you guess these top 10 European cities?

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We thought we’d try something new this week – a Which? Convo quiz. As the autumn chill sets in, cast your mind back to your favourite European city break. Has it made it into our top 10?

Why are we talking about European cities? Well our Which? Travel team asked members to rate their experiences in the European cities they’ve stayed in outside of the UK.

The good news is that all 47 destinations achieved scores of more than 60%, and two thirds of the cities scored more than 80%. One city topped the survey with an impressive score of 94% – you can find out which in our full list of European cities.

When it comes to the lower end of the table, the Italian cities of Milan and Naples scored worst with 62% and 64% respectively.

How many European cities can you spot?

Popular destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Bruges, Paris, Rome and Venice are all included in the survey, so have a gander to help you guess the 10 European cities in this picture from the cover of this month’s Which? Travel mag. Good luck! We’ll let you know the answers next week.

European cities

Assuming the picture has been subjected to a bit of artistic licence, I think I have found 11 cities:
Paris, Berlin, Florence, Prague, Venice, Rome, Seville, Carcasonne, Cologne, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Yes – I reckon Alex has been playing with Photoshop. You win quiz, Alfa, having identified 11 out of the 10 cities. 🙂

Thanks Wavechange but some of them are a best guess. I think Alex might have given a couple of them a quick renovation.