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Thomas Cook refunds delay: are you affected?

Have you been told you’ll have to wait longer for your Thomas Cook refund? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

A third of holidaymakers who had travel plans ruined by the collapse of Thomas Cook have been told their refunds will be delayed. 

It’s a blow to affected travellers, many of whom are due thousands of pounds after their holidays were cancelled.

Refund delays

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is handling refunds for travellers who had booked Atol-protected holidays with the failed holiday company.

It originally said it would take 60 days to receive a refund after making a claim, but yesterday said it will take longer for some.

The announcement comes days before the first refund applicants should receive their money back, according to the 60-day deadline.

Atol protection is meant to give travelers piece-of-mind that their money is safe if their holiday operator goes bust. 

Understandably, many are disappointed and stressed that they still haven’t got their money back after two months of waiting, especially so close to Christmas.

One of the ‘biggest ever’ travel refund schemes

The CAA said it received 67,000 claims on the first day applications were opened, and around 260,000 valid claims in total to date.

It is expected to have paid out £160 million in refunds by this weekend and believed it will be one of the biggest ever travel refund schemes. 

Interestingly, the CAA also said that some 40,000 holidays are yet to be claimed for.

You can take a look at our Thomas Cook Q&A to read more about the claims process. 

Have you been told your refund will be delayed? How has this affected you? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get in touch.

Did you receive your Thomas Cook refund within the 60 day deadline?
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I was due to go on holiday the day Thomas Cook stopped trading. Once I found out how to claim my refund I did so, I was told I’d receive my refund within 28 days as I had aid by direct debit. When this didn’t happen I contacted the CAA and was told it would be repaid within 60 days, this taking it to 14th Dec. I called several times and was told that I would hear something soon. When I didn’t I called again last week and some to an advisor who said I should have heard from them and as I hadn’t she would send my claim internally. The next day I received my first email asking me for proof of payment and documentation from Thomas Cook. Having done this I received an email a few days later saying that my information was being attached to my claim and I should hear something within 28 days. It seems to me that my original claim was never addressed and I have been waiting pointlessly. It is my belief if I hadn’t spoken to the last advisor my claim would never have been resolved. Now I am waiting another 28 days but to say I’m doubtful I’d am understatement. As lead passenger my two travel companions are relying on me for their money back. It’s simply unacceptable having to go through this nightmare.

Catherine Oliver says:
7 December 2019

I have exactly the same issue. I was due to fly on the 30th Sept. Paid by Direct Debit and told the money would be in my account by 14th Oct. When it wasnt I submitted a claim via the CAA website on the 15th Oct. I received an email asking for proof of payment on the 21st of Oct and provided a response the same day. I didnt hear anything until 28th Nov asking for proof of payment again which ive done. My new email from them says it can now take 28 days. God knows when Im going to receive my refund and cannot book a new holiday until I can.

Chris says:
22 December 2019

I’m in a similar position. Claimed through the official Web site and heard nothing so contacted CAA. They have just today turned my claim down saying all claims for people who have booked directly with Thomas Cook must be made through Rightpath Claims. But Rightpath claims are refuting this saying it is someone else

Claire Rigby says:
14 January 2020

Where did you send your proof of payment?
I’ve heard nothing not even to acknowledge my claim. If you know where you send your evidence I could send mine via recorded delivery.

Lorna says:
6 December 2019

Put my claim in on 21st October and received a full refund on 29th November with no issues at all.

cheryl james says:
6 December 2019

I received direct debit refund within 14 days but currently awaiting another refund. I received a letter last week asking for proof of payment.
I sent off proof of payment and received another email stating i would hear something in 28 days.

We was due to fly out from Manchester in January it was going to be our honeymoon we got married in July but because my daughter was due to have her baby in August we delayed our honeymoon till January and we are still fighting to get our money back because we paid £800 cash which is what we revived as wedding gifts we now have to prove to atol where we got the money from I told them I would send a copy of our marriage certificate but that is not good enough we have to go swear on an afra David in a solicitor office which we have to pay for the treatment we are getting from atol is discusting I’m so upset as our honeymoon was going to be our first holiday away from the uk

Well as so many I was told I would receive my refund within 60 days. On the 4th of December Protect Claims emailed me asking for all proof of payment and all Thomas Cook invoices totalling £6241.63. On the 6th I received an email saying I would hear from them within 28 working days. It does not say it will be settled. The whole holiday was ATOL protected. They then say ‘we hope this is satisfactory’. Well no it’s not!!

Deborah Lane says:
7 December 2019

placed a refund form on the 7th not heard anything no spam emails so sent email told its attached to my claim wait 28days for a reply, I should of been paid out yesterday for the 60days this service is not acceptable I am awaiting to pay for a holiday and they have my money. they are not answering the phones and not answering emails promptly.

Put a claim in on the 7th paid by DD heard nothing no email etc rang caa this morning been told to just wait

I put my claim through when the dedicated thomas cook website surfaced. I had a confirmation email to say that they had received my claim and we knew the wait was around 60 days. 58th day in and I recieved an email from CEGA asking for more information, all thomas cook receipts bank statements etc, sent all those over from the Thomas cook refund list they had sent me, got a conformation that they had recieved all my documentation. I then last night recieved another email from another third party Protect Claims saying that they have been unable to process our claim as I had clicked the wrong link on the thomas cook website, so therefore I have had to make another claim which on their website has said it is awaiting a review and that it will be 60 days waiting again. I dont understand why one claims place had the correct information and asked for my documentation as they have with everyone else, and now all of a sudden it is wrong. I have two small children at home and we was relying on this money to give them a good christmas, as many were, as we missed out on taking them to florida as their first holiday. Everyone has waited so patiently, this is our hard earned cash, surely they should have the decency to give us updates or at least information on our claims. I spent an hour on the phone to the CAA on hold for my call to he put down and have emailed all claims companies, got in touch with the CAA via Twitter and I have had no response what so ever. I think it is utterly disgusting that these people have not give us our money back.

David says:
8 December 2019

My first direct debit was paid on the day they went bust. I have yet to get this back however I made the claim for my £200 deposit as quickly as I could (think it was a few days after the claims form opened) and I have it back. Have been in contact about the direct debit payment a few times and hasn’t been addressed yet, keep getting told to wait and last time I called they said they’d send the information to try and get it dealt with as quickly as possible. Still nothing.

hayley says:
9 December 2019

this is a joke i made a claim on 7th Oct as instructed by website so should have been paid on 6th December received an email on 4th December requesting more information which i only received at 7.29pm sent the information within 24 hours and then received an email saying the information will be processed within 28 days. This is not acceptable i have paid sent the bank statement proving i paid when i said why will it then take another 28 days to process i want my money back. they promised 60 days which did it take them 58 days to let me know they needed more information surely they knew this sooner. I have now been on hold with CAA for 1 hour and 30 minutes and still holding i know everyone would have been ringing them but this is outrageous. seriously thinking of putting in a complaint this but will this affect the time frame of my claim?

Michelle Ainsworth says:
10 December 2019

I was due to take my little girl to Disneyland Paris in October. I put my claim in for refund on 7 October and received an email requesting further information from me (which was basic information that they had already asked for on the atol form and already had). Since that time I’ve heard nothing. I have emailed them twice and received an automated response both times, never answering my questions. Namely, when will I get my 2600 back so i can rebook?

Robert says:
10 December 2019

We booked our holiday to Madeira should have travelled 11oct . We put our claim in on the 7th October through Polka dot travel agents who we booked with . We received confirmation on the 9th October, since then I have sent emails for updates but never received any reply ,I phoned on the 3rd December but lady would not tell me anything other than my claim would be sorted in the 60 days. Since the 60 days have passed I have tried ringing with no answer. I went into polka dot travel yesterday 9th December and sat in there for half an hour while they tried for us still no answer they went on for 2hours and in the end they were cut off ,so what chance do we have if travel agents can’t contact them .
We have not been asked for any other information and I have checked my bank account daily to check it’s not been paid back in

Debbie Campbell says:
11 December 2019

I put my claim in on 7th october when the claim site opened.. we had paid over £300 via DD which was returned by my bank with 28 days. However we paid £900 with a compensation voucher that we had received for a delayed flight and have just been informed we wont get this money back. Never again will I accept compensation in the form of a voucher.

After 65 days of our claim with no response to emails or phone calls we have just received an email asking for more information . Does this mean it’s going to be another 60 days . In our opinion It’s a joke

We’ve now had an email stating they processed our refund in full and would appear in our bank account within 48hrs we’re now at 72 hours post refund process and still nothing, no reply to emails either 😡

I was asked on day 59 to provide the information I had sent the first time around all over again only to receive an email saying I would now have to wait another 60 days for them to deal with the claim. I’m furious. I had to rebook a holiday using a credit card when Thomas cook went bust. I was happy to wait the 60 days to repay the credit card from the money refunded. To have to potentially wait 120 days with interest mounting is incredibly frustrating. It’s not good enough. Cega’s communication has been appalling throughout the process.

Charlotte says:
19 December 2019

I paid by direct debit and told I would receive a refund in my bank on 14th October I never did. Ended up doing a online claim form on the same day I have now waited 66 days and still had nothing when I phoned up I was told they are waiting on information from the caa for my claim.
Everytime I call I am told something different but mainly told you hear from us in due course all I want is my refund for a package holiday I never recieved

Samantha says:
20 December 2019

I have had the same problem tried telephoning on many occasions only to be fobbed off all the time after been on hold for hours then and email saying they tried make refund but it returned with wrong account details to then be told got wait another 28 days then when phoned again I was told it had been paid check with bank the bank told me they see it when I do so phoned again to be told I was waiting review it’s all lies no further forward my 60 days was 10th December it’s a joke

Laura Senior says:
20 December 2019


I had booked a holiday with Thomas Cook for July 2020 prior to their collapse and paid a £1000 deposit. In May this year we were delayed on another TC flight/holiday and received a £1800 flight delay compensation voucher which we used to pay a further chunk off the balance for our 2020 holiday.

Having pursued a claim via CAA under the ATOL scheme for both the £1000 credit card payment deposit amount and the £1800 voucher payment amount I have just heard this morning that they will only be paying me an amount of £1000 (which I have had transferred into my bank account today) and they are not refunding the other flight delay voucher amount as it isn’t a financial loss to me given I didn’t actually spend any money to obtain the voucher.

I find this outrageous as if I hadn’t wanted to accept the voucher as flight delay compensation TC would have had to offer me a cash compensation amount which i would have had prior to their collapse. Had I taken the cash option instead I could have used that money to make a payment off the holiday balance and would now be entitled to a full refund of both amounts. The fact that part of my payment to TC prior to their collapse was in the form of a flight delay voucher should not in any way limit my entitlement to a refund for those full amounts and initial advice noted on variois websites indeed noted the CAA had confirmed vouchers would also be refunded.

I am hoping you can offer some further advice on this point as the only solution the CAA has offered is to register my info with Alix Partners which I assume will be to pursue a claim as one of many creditors which is just unfair given I had understood that both the cash payment and voucher offset would be protected under ATOL.

Not only has rebooking the exact same holiday with Virgin cost us over £1000 more when rebooking in September following the TC collapse but I am now due to be a further £1800 out of pocket.

Please help!

g cuthbert says:
22 December 2019

I put my claim in with the CAA more then two months ago I have had email saying the have received my claim. have since received two more email asking for ATOL cert and Thomas cook receipt. have sent them twice and now sent them for the third time. I am occurring CC charges now waiting for refund