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This week in comments: Sony, solo travel and shrinking stuff

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When it comes to products shrinking in size, your comments have proved that many manufacturers are at it. And holiday companies seem to be doing something similar – charging more for a ‘smaller’ holiday for one.

Products are shrinking

We revealed our research into products that are shrinking in size, but not in price. Many of you have noticed examples of your own, like Nic:

‘Copella Apple Juice – used to be widely available in 1 litre size. Now shrunken to a mere 750ml! I noticed immediately as I often try to find ways to re-use the old huge plastic bottles – they make great storage containers!”

But Wavechange came up with a good suggestion for manufacturers:

“Maybe manufacturers should mark their products ‘new smaller pack’ or ‘new higher price’. After all, they always remember to tell us about larger sizes and lower prices.’

Travelling solo – why two minus one doesn’t always equal one

Kate Shipp wonders why holidaying on your own costs, on average, a third more. Lambourne isn’t pleased about it:

‘Easyjet are currently advertising 100 holidays for £100 each released every Friday, however it seems impossible to book one of these holidays for one person and when the website says ‘one left’ it actually means one holiday for two people!

I often go on holiday alone and am sick of the single supplement which often ensures I am given a room much smaller and grottier than those travelling with a partner.’

Tpoots has experienced this from a different perspective:

‘My friends and I booked a package holiday with two people to an apartment (as they couldn’t hold more) which wasn’t a problem as we had an even number of people going.

After booking it however, another friend expressed interest and much to my surprise – I couldn’t book another room at the same hotel for just one person, even if paying the full room rate. Madness.’

Sony Vita could be handheld’s last chance

After Nintendo 3DS’s rocky start, is the market ready for another handheld? Mark doesn’t think so:

‘I honestly think this will be the last dedicated gaming handheld generation. The landscape has changed, and when people can buy games that are good enough for their commute for under a pound, a £200 handheld plus £30 game is unappealing.’

But Vita sees it differently:

‘What’s the highest selling games console? The Nintendo DS… which still happens to be selling well. The PlayStation Vita (not Sony Vita) has a good chance of selling well for the simple fact that it’s a clear generation jump and the graphics far exceed any smartphone.’

Payday loans – designed to trap you in a cycle of debt

Martyn Saville warned about the dangers of getting trapped into endless ‘roll over’ payday loans – something that Steve Perry – our commenter of the week – knows about first-hand:

‘This is exactly what happened to me. I found myself borrowing from 12 different loan companies, many at the same time, for a period of 18 months before it all came to a catastrophic end. In that time I took no less than 64 payday loans!’