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Is your car safely stored at the airport or collecting fines elsewhere?

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Hundreds of holidaymakers were issued with fines after airport parking firms left their cars in council car parks instead of secure facilities over the Easter weekend. Do you really know where your car is when you’re on holiday? 

With thoughts of summer on my mind, I’m planning to use the long weekend to book a much-anticipated holiday to Barcelona with a friend.

We’re taking steps to avoid any accommodation nightmares and flights are straightforward enough. But, I’m concerned for my friend’s car.

While I can get the Tube or train to whichever London airport we depart from in June, she’s planning to drive down from the Midlands and leave her car at one of the airport car parks.

But with fresh reports that cars handed in to some airport parking firms aren’t actually being parked in secure parking facilities, I’ve urged her to check that any company she uses will ensure that hers really is.

This week, it emerged that holidaymakers paid up to £150 a week for a meet-and-greet car parking service at Heathrow over the Easter weekend. They left their keys with the parking firm and fully expected their cars to then be driven to a secure facility.

Problem was, they were actually taken to a council car park 15 minutes away, where they were then issued with multiple parking fine tickets.

Similarly, last year, car owners using a meet-and-greet firm at Manchester Airport discovered that their cars had been left in a pub car park for the duration of their holiday.

How to appeal

So what can you do if you find yourself unfairly issued with a council parking ticket when you believed your car had been left in a secure airport car park?

Well, the good news is, you do have the right to appeal – and our free parking ticket appeal tool can help you challenge it.

Personally, I’m hoping my friend decides to get the train down. I think we’ll rest a lot easier knowing that her car is safely parked at her home.

Have you ever experienced any issues with an airport car parking firm? Or do you prefer to leave your car at home when you go on holiday?


Car parking at Manchester airport – I have used Holiday Extras to book Jet3 car park on airport perimeter for a number of years. You park your car and take the transfer shuttle service which takes about 15min the system uses NPR to let you in and out. It is secure and you take your keys with you, it works well – never failed yet.

We used airport parking once. The car got damaged, the company denied responsibility, so we ended up paying for the repairs.

We now get a taxi to the airport. It might sound expensive, but can work out cheaper if going away for more than 2 weeks and the car is safe at home.

4 years ago we left our citroen c4 at purple parking. When we returned after 5 weeks the spare wheel was missing. We reported it and were told they would do an investigation. We left because we trusted them. Never reported it to the local police station. After weeks purple parking’s reply was they are not responsible for anything left in the car. That was it. Weeks later we cleaned the car & found bits of glass under the back seat. Got suspicious & phoned the local desira supplier & it turned out the supplier replaced a back window for our citroen. Purple Parking are very dishonest. Many of out friend had bad deals with also.0

We’ve used the meet and greet service are Stansted Airport twice and found it reasonably priced, reliable and convenient.

I’ve used APH at Gatwick for many years. Never had a problem. They give a reduction for loyal customers. The shuttle service is efficient. Service is quick and courteous.