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Ryanair lands booking fees on its prepaid card customers

Ryanair plane

If you took out Ryanair’s Cash Passport to avoid paying £6 fees with the airline, Ryanair has news for you. The airline will soon start charging you extra to book your flight, just like everyone else.

Just over a year ago the airline announced that Ryanair Cash Passport prepaid card holders would not be subject to a £6 fee on flights booked with the carrier. Anyone using another prepaid card, credit or debit card would have to stump up an admin fee to book online.

The move coincided with pressure on the flight industry – and others – following the success of our super complaint on ‘rip-off’ card surcharges.

One year on and the budget airline has announced that it ‘regrets to inform [cardholders] that, as a result of decisions by the UK Office of Fair Trading, Ryanair Cash Passport card users will no longer benefit from avoiding the £6 admin fee for transactions made on Ryanair.com’.

Ryanair plays its trump card

However, one of the main reasons people took out Ryanair’s card was to dodge paying the extra charges. Simon told us on a previous Conversation: ‘I only got the card to avoid the admin fee’.

Although we may prefer not to pay these fees at all, if they were integrated into the headline price (which Ryanair has said it will do) at least you’d be able to see what you’re paying for upfront. It’s also likely that if all airlines did this, the competition would keep prices low anyway.

When Ryanair introduced its Cash Passport the airline marketed the card as offering ‘huge savings’. It stated that the card would avoid the £6 administration fee that other cardholders would have to pay. So, you can understand the ire felt by several cardholders who received an email earlier this month telling them that the £6 fee was being imposed as of 1 December.

And our commenter Michelle, who took a punt on the card, is annoyed that she’ll be charged to make transactions on it:

‘I cannot just close my account and withdraw the money that is still on the card. However I claim the money back – it will cost me.’

That people will now have to pay to use their Ryanair card for the purpose they took it out is bad news. That they have money on a card they don’t want is even worse.


Very interesting what Kris said about flights from Poland. Anyway my problem is with all the people that signed the petition regarding the fees. Because of these people I am no longer able to use my Ryanair cash passport card, if you all didn’t complain then it probably wouldn’t have pushed Ryanair to stop these charges. Oh well to late now. As for those not wanting to pay excess luggage I suggest you google ‘Rufus Roo jacket’.

Surcharges, Booking Fees. I don’t want to hear or read about them. They should be BANNED. After all they are in business and want your custom. Lets have straight forward dealing. There should be a headline price. If you out to legislate for something make it watertight!