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Rolling Stones ticket prices – I can’t get no satisfaction

Dear Mick and Keith, I’m a Stones fan. I’ve bought your records since I was at school and when you play live, I go to your concerts. But with tickets between £100-400, I’m not buying.

It gives me no satisfaction to say that I wasn’t hitting refresh, refresh, refresh when tickets for your O2 shows went on general sale at 9am this morning.

If I was lucky enough to get a seat at one of your gigs it would cost me between £106 and £406. And if the only ticket I was able to lay my hands on was an unreserved standing one, the privilege of standing at your concert will set me back £406 – that’s £375 for the ticket and a whopping £31 booking fee.

To put this in perspective, in 1995 I paid £30 to see you play at Wembley, in 1999 it was £30 again and then at Twickenham in 2003 I paid no more than £30.

It’s only rock’n’roll (and I don’t like it)

What on earth has happened to the price of concert tickets? Downloading music has changed the recording business and artists play live to plug the gap left by falling sales. That bit I understand and I like it – pretty much every band I’ve ever been into has reformed and toured again in the last ten years.

And I’m aware of supply and demand – the O2 isn’t Wembley or Twickenham – fewer seats and fewer gigs means that prices will rise. But £406 to stand and see the Stones? Wild horses couldn’t drag me to Ticketmaster this morning.

Are we allowing ourselves to be ripped off by artists who are old enough to know better?


Ouch. I just had a look on Viagogo – there are a lot of tickets already being ‘resold’ on there. The most expensive are on sale for £24,000 for a pair of front row tickets, plus a £3,600 booking fee!

At least the Stones haven’t split up and then re-formed to have a final pay day. Granted the ticket prices are extortionate, but if you are a big stones fan for years and you haven’t seen them yet, why not? If you have, why waste a load of money on something you’ve already seen? I don’t remember a new album recently.

A few years ago, I refused to go and see Jane’s Addiction when they reformed as the ticket prices were sky high, the same can be said of Soundgarden (who were never a great live band) and I guess anything Slash or GnR related will cost a small fortune. You could also add Faith No More to that list too.

I’m off to a gig tonight, Tesseract, at a pub in Wolverton, grass roots djent for £7, at least before they go off and support Fear Factory and Devin Townsend when the prices go through the roof.

At my local museum I can see dinosaurs for free.

J Fusini says:
19 October 2012

nobody in the right mind will pay this prices virgin live are liking there hands

Phil says:
19 October 2012

I’ve lost count of the number of “Farewell Tours” these shysters have run. Frankly I wouldn’t waste time going to see them live if the tickets were free.

Angie says:
24 October 2012

Mick,Keith, Ronnie and Charlie. Why are the genuine stones fans being totally robbed. ripped off and taken for a ride. its totally unfair unjust and something needs to be done.. Not all of us has oodles of money. So why are Viagogo and other sites asking stupid money…. HELLO!!!!..
I wanted to go with my husband on the 29th.
I am a long term loyal fan.. unable to get tickets. because prices just stupid… WHY.. !!!
Does Mick and the boys know about this insane daylight robberry…

Sylvia says:
24 October 2012

We as consumers can make an impact on prices by not purchasing and who wants to see a bunch of old men with leathery weathered beaten faces prancing around. In these austere times we must make better use of our funds. Mick and co are certainly not hurting.

Brad says:
12 April 2013

What people don’t realise is that after 99′ at £30, (I was there) it was all the TOUTS who made all the money. They would buy as many tickets as they could, meaning that us fans couldn’t get a ticket when they went on sale, I never could anyway and therefore I like everyone else I know had to buy on eBay or similar and the touts would enhance the price by 300% – 1000%.

All the Rolling Stones have done is to remove the touts from the equasion and take their money, so they should too. Touts ruin the industry and are nothing more than people trying to make a quick buck.

It’s all about demand and supply, like it or not, if you were to put the tickets on sale again for £30, not only would that not cover their costs, but the tours all around the country and world would snap most of the tickets up and “raise” the price on eBay etc, to a level which they know people are willing to pay and are able to sell ALL their tickets at.

Remember with inflation on the initial price, there’s no way it would be less than the Stones are asking now, if the Stones were to ask less initially for their tickets.

Why not just like Reel Big Fish instead? Probably the best value band in the industry.

steeley says:
17 December 2014

Old rockers never die, they just get richer 🙂

Aly Williams says:
3 March 2018

Absolutely disgusting charging these prices when people are struggling, don’t you remember Edith Grove Mick n Keith n rest of you when you were in poverty, Shame on you charging these prices to see you lot. You have gone down in my estimation and will not pay these totally inflated prices. Please justify how you can expect people in these days of austerity, low incomes, people living on the streets, shame on you. Get a grip it’s not that you all need the money Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie. It’s only rock n roll

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