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Who’s confused by the Olympic ticket reselling process? Me!

Got unwanted Olympic tickets? Want to have another go at buying some? Well the official Olympic ticket resale programme launched today. The question is; do you know how the process works? Our survey says ‘no’.

It’s 2012. The year of the London Olympic Games. Are you excited?

I’m not, as I don’t have any tickets (despite living a couple of tube stops from the Olympic village). Anyway, there’s good reason to put my bitterness aside – I may have a chance to buy someone else’s rejected tickets.

Confusion over Olympic reselling

If you were awarded a whole bunch of tickets for events you weren’t hugely interested in, or you’ve now decided to escape the country, you can resell them from today.

How? Through the official Olympic website, and only through this site. Ebay, or any other method of reselling, is strictly off-limits – otherwise say hello to a maximum fine of £20,000.

The official reselling programme will be open on the Olympic website until 3 February, so the race is on. But do you know how the whole process will work?

Worryingly, our survey of 1,250 Brits found that most don’t. Only 16% of those asked understood (fully or mostly) how the Olympic ticket resale will work. And of those who said they were likely to buy or sell tickets in this round, an understanding of the process was higher, but it was still a pretty lowly 34%.

Olympic site isn’t very clear

From a cursory read of the resale information page on the Olympic site, I’m not surprised people are scratching their heads over how it works. On a simple level it will go something like this: you’ll tick the tickets you want to put up for sale from your online account, and wait for someone to buy them. Simple, right?

Not quite. I’ve already picked out a contradiction on this page. When you put your tickets up for resale the site makes it clear that this ‘does not guarantee that any or all of the tickets you submit for resale will be resold’. However, it then goes on to state that ‘once you have submitted your selection of tickets for resale, your tickets will become void’.

If I’m reading this right, as soon as you put your tickets up for resale those tickets will then be void. That’s even before the tickets have been successfully re-bought, which as was said before, isn’t guaranteed.

The word ‘void’ certainly sounds final, so what happens to that unsold ticket? Apparently it will be ‘un-voided’, but the wording on the site certainly doesn’t make this clear.

So, I have two questions for you – are you going to try to buy or sell Olympic tickets? And if you are, have you got the foggiest about how the reselling process works? We’ll be busy testing the site tomorrow, selling and buying, so we’ll let you know how we get on.

kenorb says:
12 June 2012

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Laura B says:
13 June 2012

So after much deliberation we have decided to keep our tickets and go, breaking up our holiday. I looked in to the “discounted” train tickets to go from Devon £188for 2 adults and one child, the youngest is too small for a ticket ………is this really a special offer???? Not only that but I’ve had no email confirmation of the olympic tickets although they are listed in my account as reserved……..does this mean I have them or not? I don’t want to buy train tickets if not.

Indigo S says:
13 June 2012

I spoke with customer service at ticket sales yesterday and they are apparently opening up ticket resale again in two weeks. Very short time line and they are doing this after tickets are mailed out so they will have to be returned again!!

Paul Inman says:
14 June 2012

I’m still waiting to put my tickets up for resale. I may lose my job and need the money but I get told to wait and wait for the resale window, it’s always ‘just’ about to open. It’s becoming a farce. I get the same copy/paste response.

If they were tickets to another event I could sell and/or return them for face value no problem. Maybe the organisers are afraid of empty seats.

Ticket resale is now available. Go to your account and then ‘View Confirmed Tickets’. There is a resale button at the end of each listed ticket. I don’t know what happens afterwards or if the system works!

Paul Inman says:
15 June 2012

I’ve managed to put my tickets up for resale but have since found out that “Unlike in the original process, tickets will not be offered back for sale immediately but will be held until they can be offered in batches on a sport by sport basis”

No dates as to when the tickets will be up for resale, it could even be the date of the event as LOCOG have no incentive to resell the tickets because the customer holds all the liability.

The Olympic Tickets Shambles rumbles on…

Marcus says:
29 June 2012

I submitted my tickets for resale and also sent back my tickets which finally arrived in the post last week.

Just got a mail today to say my tickets have been re-sold. Checked my credit card and it has been refunded.

The system has worked for me, although there were was a lot of confusion and bad communication prior to the re-sale taking place.

FFS says:
29 June 2012

The website has still not been sorted since the last re-selling period when tickets were still showing as available when they had already been re-sold. Just tried for a ticket (then several others) and same thing – you can select them but when you request them they are not available. So they have been re-sold but are still showing on the site. How hard is it to get then to automatically remove from the site when they are re-sold??

Paul Inman says:
29 June 2012

finally ive been told my tickets have been resold. Gald to be out of this shambles.

Indigo S says:
29 June 2012

I have received email confirmation that my tickets have been resold. This occurred quite promptly. Ironically they have informed me that my tickets are being sill to be posted and so then I will have to send them registered post back to Manchester for reallocation. Postage is non-refundable. This begs the question – why print and send them and then have to reprocess them internally when they could simply wait, update their database and issue the tickets once? Ultimately, although resale has been prompt the process was fraught and ultimately incurred costs and with this more negative sentiment.

Charlotte says:
4 July 2012

What tickets did you have that resold quickly? I have no hope with mine!

Paul Inman says:
4 July 2012

Athletics. £850. For 4 hours. Hardly worth it looking back.

Indigo S says:
5 July 2012

I had 4 tickets for the finals of artistic gymnastics with victory ceremony. It is one area that I’ve always enjoyed but at £450 a pop for just 2.5 hours we couldn’t stretch to £1800 after we had some financial issues hit.

I bought spares for friends or family but no-one wanted to contribute so I would have been hit for the full amount.

RE womens football – I think LOCOG will have to become flexible on passing on of tickets so long as no money is made and they are linked to you. How can they not when so many peoples circumstances are challenged in the current climate. I would consider offering them to women’s groups, companies and organisations that might want to use them as hospitality. so long as you are contactable on the date, if required can prove that no profit was made and even issue a letter stating that you bought the tickets on behalf of attending guests. On this basis I can’t see how you are doing anything wrong that would see you in court. Of course this is an opinion, one you might want to discuss with LOCOG helpline.

Charlotte says:
4 July 2012

I honestly don’t know what to do about my tickets. It’s making me miserable – I bought women’s football tickets for Team GB v Brazil but I can no longer attend. I put them on re-sale not realising I couldn’t take them OFF of the resale system and now I don’t know what to do. I’m not allowed to sell them at face value privately (I’d sell them at less than face value or swap) and I can’t even get MY tickets back until 5 days before the event because they void them. This system is terrible. Now I have to hope someone’s very interested in these and buys them (unlikely to sell out at Wembley!) OR I’ll probably end up paying for 2 people to go for free. Brilliant!

Caroline says:
16 July 2012

i put tickets up for re-sale and want to cancel. I have the tickets and do-not want to post them back as i will be away if they don’t re-sell and won’t be at home to receive them back. No help on website and customer services re-directs you to website then disconnects. Shall i just keep them and hope they are un-voided
User friendly simple system – i think not. They have created the most complex proces ever

This is all I could find on the London2012 site about this:

“You will receive an email confirmation from us listing all the tickets you have submitted to ticket resale. Please review this carefully. If you have submitted tickets incorrectly or you no longer wish to resell them, you can contact the London 2012 Customer Service team or call us on 0844 847 2012.

We will email you to advise if your tickets have been resold and tell you when you will receive the value of your resold tickets.

If your tickets haven’t been resold five days before the date on which the session is scheduled, we will email to inform you that these tickets will be returned to your account and LOCOG will arrange the reissue of tickets.”

Wialli says:
18 July 2012

Hi All,

Also confused. So I activated resale tickets, got the conf through and everything. All good so far.

My confusion is, how do people know they are up for sale? I have 4 boxing tickets for 5th August evening. Just checked on the site, and it says there are no available tickets for this event.

There are… MINE!!!

Is there a site that you go to for resale tickets? I couldn’t find any links to it???

Just checked. There are now tickets available for Boxing session BX018 Price cat. A, B, and D

Wialli says:
18 July 2012

Mine are all cat C 🙁

Wialli says:
18 July 2012

Cat C’s are now on there Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope they’re mine… :-s

Wialli says:
18 July 2012

Yes yes yes – buy buy buy!!!! 🙂

Wialli says:
19 July 2012

Well only Cat As available now. Does that mean my Cs have been sold???

A watched hotmail inbox never gets emails!!!

Jaded says:
19 July 2012

Why do you think that if they do ever manage to sell your tickets they will be able to cope with the complicated issue of safely refunding the money to you – in a timely manner – and the full amount of money they owe you?

We have all been duped!

A bunch of monkeys could have organised the ‘LONDON’ Olympics better than this over-paid and previously very much over-rated group of ‘professional’ executives!

So far about the one thing they haven’t identified is a serious breach of the ‘Data Protection Act’.  Still, there is plenty of time for that little treasure!

They have definitely raised the profile of the UK.    We are the laughing stock around the world.

Deb says:
19 July 2012

First thing this morning I submitted some athletics tickets for resale as we’ve finally got some sailing ones on the same day which was what we always wanted. They are a pair of £95 tickets so hope they will go as athletics has completely sold out and they aren’t too expensive for pretty decent seats However have watched the site all day and no athletics tickets have appeared for sale. Does anyone know how long it takes for the tickets to go through the system?

FionaK says:
24 July 2012

I’m flying off to NY and need to sell my Football tickets Wed 1st Aug, they are particularly crap Korea versus Gabon! I’ve submitted them for resale – do I need to post them back or keep hold of them in case they aren’t sold, I’ve tried to call customer services at least 10 times, surprise surprise I can’t get through.