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Olympics tickets warning – don’t be caught out on the road to Rio

Olympic tickets

Which? is warning anyone planning a trip to the Rio Olympics to be aware of suspicious sites selling tickets to the games. Would you know what to look out for?

Following on from our work on ticketing scams for the European Championships last month, we’ve been looking at websites selling Olympics tickets. We’ve uncovered one website in breach of official ticketing restrictions for the games…

Olympics tickets warning

The site in question is Bookriogames2016.com – and it isn’t an authorised ticketing seller listed by the organising committee of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

However, it ranks higher in internet searches than official sites like CoSport – the Rio 2016 authorised ticket seller for Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Even though the website states ‘you’re protected with us’, people buying from them risk not being allowed into the event. The Rio 2016 Olympic Games terms and conditions strictly forbid entry if your ticket is purchased from an unauthorised source.

But we actually have a number of other concerns about this website and the risk it could pose to Olympics ticket buyers.

Our concerns are:

  • Tickets sold in breach of terms and conditions – this site also allows customers to buy as many as 20 tickets, even though official rules only allow 4 tickets per customer.
  • Vague contact details – the site lists no office address. We found it’s hosted in India but its actual address is hidden.
  • Unsubstantiated review claims – we can’t find any evidence of online reviews, although the site claims to have five stars.
  • Consumer-unfriendly terms and conditions – the site ‘reserves the right to deliver tickets at any point between the time of purchase and the day of the event’ meaning some fans may have to travel to Rio before receiving their ticket.
  • Imitation website design – the site design, graphics and fonts are very similar to that of the official Rio Olympics ticket site which may be an attempt to confuse consumers into thinking that it is the official site.
  • Dodgy domain – the site is registered using a domain service which has been linked to several scams.

Bookriogames2016.com uncontactable

We tried contacting Bookriogames2016.com using the email address and phone number listed on their website to discuss our concerns. We’ve had no reply and the telephone number has since been removed from the website.

We’ve reported our findings to Action Fraud, but more must be done both in the UK and internationally to ensure ticket restrictions are made clear to consumers.

Action Fraud is also warning against potential scams linked to the games. With over a week to go until the opening ceremony they’ve already received reports of fraud relating to the Rio Olympics with victims losing a total of nearly £300,000, mainly due to ticketing and lottery scams.

Our advice is simple. If you’re planning to buy a ticket for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, make sure you buy from one of the authorised ticket sellers listed on the Rio 2016 Olympics website, otherwise you risk being turned away at the gates.

But is it that easy, would you know how to spot an unauthorised site or would you be tempted to run the risk?

Ruth Lawrenson says:
2 July 2020

Ticketmaster are a disgrace. They are refusing to refund my Cirque du Soleil tickets as the show was not ‘cancelled or rescheduled’. I pointed out that it is clearly one or the other since the event didn’t take place, even if we don’t know which yet!

Karen howes says:
2 July 2020

I have bought tickets through the drive in cinema for lumley castle durham. Payment taken and tickets issued by fatsoma. I mistakenly clicked on 2 tickets instead of 1 and my request for a partial refund is being ignored. There is no valid contact number to call either

Dave says:
9 July 2020

I have just received a refund for my 2 tickets in respect of Jack Savoretti’s cancelled gig at Kew Gardens. However the ticket agent, SEE, are refusing to refund the £16.76 booking fee as this is stated in the T&Cs. I go to many concerts and pay what I consider a rip off booking fee, but the action of these ticket agents not to refund is the final straw. No more gigs with booking fees will I attend ever again. I will stick to tribute bands!

Sergio says:
23 July 2020

How to get full refund ticket from opodo ‘ because I ask them to rebook they didn’t do it. So now I want to ask for full refund’ but I don’t know? Please help me

George Spiteri says:
27 July 2020

We booked to attend the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta and had to but tickets through TicketSellers. We paid £166 which included a £16 booking fee (more than 10% of the face value of the tickets. The Fiesta was cancelled by the organisers and TicketSellers are refunding the £150 face value but not the booking fee. They claims that the booking fee is non-refundable and it states this in their terms and conditions(T&Cs). This doesn’t seem fair on the consumer who gets charged through no fault of their own. They even state that their T&Cs are in line with Which? Guidance and provide a link; see below.
In the event of cancellation, the full value of the ticket less any booking fees, transaction fees, postage, and insurance will be refunded. Please note that some tickets contain a hidden booking fee, so it appears as £0 to the customer. If you would like to know this fee before purchasing, please call. In some cases there will be a deadline for a refund / new date request which may invalidate your refund request if not responded to in time.
Our ts and cs are in line with ‘Which? Consumer Rights’ – http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/problem/tickets-and-events