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The Olympics – would you rather jet off abroad?

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Package holidays are selling well for summer 2012, or so says TUI travel. And that’s despite an average year-on-year price hike of £40 per person. Perhaps everyone’s trying to avoid the Olympics?

TUI Travel claims to have received more early bookings for summer 2012 than it has for this year’s peak season, even though rising fuel costs have made holidays more expensive.

TUI’s distribution director, Nick Longman, comments:

‘Summer 2012 holidays only went on sale a couple of weeks ago, but the high season is already selling very well and bookings have surpassed our expectations. It will be interesting to see what happens next month when people see what [Olympic] tickets they get.’

Perhaps those who couldn’t afford a holiday this year have booked up early for the next, just to make sure they can get cheap early tickets. Or perhaps some people – especially those in London – would rather not be around when the Games kick off?

TUI admits it’s too early to know how well the season will sell overall, but it seems fair to say that it’s unlikely people are cancelling their holiday plans to stay home and watch the Olympics.

Should you stay or should you go?

In a recent poll for news site London24.com, almost two thirds of the respondents predicted that the capital’s transport network would be ‘a complete disaster’ during the Games.

And in April, a report by the London Assembly’s Transport Committee warned that the transport network is already close to capacity, even before millions of spectators, athletes and officials descend on the city. Transport for London has said it’ll be ‘business as usual’ during the event, but clearly there’s still work to be done if things are to run smoothly.

Seeing the Olympic Games on home soil is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and die-hard sports fans will definitely not want to miss out. But as these early holiday bookings suggest, plenty of us would still rather spend the summer abroad.

Would you consider going abroad during the London 2012 Olympics? Or is it a silly idea when there’s such an exciting event happening at home?

fog says:
30 May 2011

why not enjoy it? Within 4 years, only once.

It seems to have turned into a competition to use drugs and other unfair means without getting caught. Thats not fair on those (hopefully the large majority) of competitors who play fair.

I would rather watch a school sports day where everyone is enjoying the event and not trying to push themselves beyond their limit.

“TUI Travel claims to have received more early bookings for summer 2012 than it has for this year’s peak season, even though rising fuel costs have made holidays more expensive”

fuel costs have fallen by more than 10% in the last three weeks.

the olympics in England are a once in a lifetime thing, I am a sports fan and would love to see them live, but my family, like many others, have been priced out of the market from the start. (ironic as its our taxes that pay for it)
not just with tickets for the finals, but the price of accomodation is a rip off/joke – combine this with food/transport prices that will definately rise in and around the events, the british people do want to join in and see the games, but we are not cash cows for profiteering businesses.
there has to be a time when the public say “no more” – to come down for olympics, see a final event and stay overnight would cost at least a month’s disposable income for my family, if we are going to spend that, id rather have a week in the sun (which is still vastly over priced but thats another conversation) than spend a single night in an overpriced bedroom and watching an event that last 10 minutes at best.

most people I know in the smoke are either renting their houses out of getting the **** outta dodge.

That’s certainly a good idea – I’m considering it, as I’m not too far from the stadium. Perhaps I’ll sleep on the sofa and rent my room out for some extra dosh?

Patrick – I hope you will comply with the rules & regs because it could be embarrassing if you are reported to the Consumers’ Association. 🙂

I wouldn’t dare Wavechange (shouldn’t you have an avatar by now?) So, for any Londoner who is thinking of renting out their room during the Olympics, remember you can sign up to the government’s Rent a Room Scheme.

The Rent a Room scheme is an optional scheme that lets you receive up to £4,250 a year tax-free (£2,125 if letting jointly) from renting furnished accommodation in your only or main home. And you don’t need to be the home owner.

sounds like a plan Patrick, for those who can stand it, it’s the biggest cash cow for many a moon.

It might be worth opening up a “souvenir” shop in your front garden 🙂

Whenever I go to Twickenham, there are so many houses on the route who are selling flags, burgers, chips etc all out of their front gardens, they certainly do a good trade.

If only I had a front garden…

I do wonder how many people are renting out their rooms to cash in on the Olympics.

summer 2012 holidays says:
20 June 2011

Flights from London Gatwick to Cancun will operate twice a week Other airlines are also adding flights to/from Cancun for Summer 2012