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Legal advice: package holiday operator delays refund

Thousands of holidaymakers have been given the runaround on getting their money back during the pandemic. Here’s how we helped get a member a full refund.

Which? Legal member Brian was one of the thousands of would-be holidaymakers whose plans were interrupted by COVID-19 – his £4,355 Riviera river cruise was cancelled on 15 April due to the pandemic.

Brian promptly wrote to Riviera requesting a full refund but received no reply (Riviera says it never received the letter).

When Brian chased Riviera, it told him it would take up to eight weeks to process a refund and offered him alternatives.

After Brian reminded Riviera of its legal obligations, it offered to refund him within five working days.

Our advice

We told Brian that package holidays are governed by the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018, which says that if a tour operator cancels a holiday due to extraordinary circumstances, it must refund you within 14 days.

Where your package holiday is cancelled, or if it can no longer be provided by the tour operator, it must refund you in full. We advised Brian to put this in writing as a complaint to Riviera to prove his right to a refund.

Riviera’s Paul Green told Which?:

“Once Mr Gratton told us he wanted a refund it was paid in 11 days. Offering a £800 rebooking incentive and a refund credit note didn’t replace or delay the payment”

Cancelled holidays: the law

In light of the pandemic, the body that represents tour operators, ABTA, advised its members to offer credit notes an an alternative to refunds.

We found that many tour operators used this as a way to refuse refunds. We have received complaints about Riviera, as well as many other holiday companies, which refused to comply with their legal obligations.

Have you managed to get a refund for a cancelled holiday during the pandemic? Did the company comply with the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements?

Refund policies

Which? contacted Riviera Travel as we were concerned about its refund policy early on in the pandemic.

From June onwards, the holiday company made a firm commitment to pay a full cash refund to any customer who wanted one.

It also confirmed that anyone who accepted a credit note, thinking there was no other choice, could call and exchange it for the money they were owed.

Riviera Travel has since been named a Which? Recommended Provider (WRP) after its excellent performance in our survey. However, we are continuing to monitor companies and will remove WRP status if any of them backtrack on their promises or give customers the runaround.

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Christopher Williams says:
6 August 2020

The latest misfortune to befall package holiday customers is the refusal to refund holidays impacted by FCO advice not to travel. If the flight is still going (or the hotel is still open) then some travel agents are saying that as the holiday can be provided, they are under no obligation to refund, or to only refund the parts of the package that aren’t able to be provided. This is a breach of Regulation 12(7) of the PTRs 2018. But some banks are also declining to start a chargeback if flights left, for example, as they say there is no breach of contract.

It seems to be the days of the Wild West in April and May have returned. Only the CMA seems to have any clout – the CAA have got their head in the sand, ABTA are a busted flush and have shown they can’t be trusted to do the right thing for consumers, and Trading Standards seem reluctant to make an example of one or two of the more egregious companies. The only way to get your money back from these companies is via County Court, which takes months due to the backlog. What is needed is a Group Litigation action, where the fees, charges and compensation will make these companies really pay attention.

I obtained a CCJ, but courts won’t send bailiffs out because of Covid. The credit card route seems to be the only way to get your money back.

Rae Baines says:
7 August 2020

After wrangling with a coach company for nearly 5 months to be refunded in full for a tour that didn’t take place, I have forwarded all the appropriate information to the Financial Ombudsman. If this doesn’t work I will probably have to take the company to the Small Claims Court.

Mrs S Wallace says:
7 August 2020

I am in the same situation but I requested a refund from my Credit Card company as the goods/services were not provided. The Coach company went into liquidation. I am still waiting for the Credit card co. to refund this money. I submitted the claim on 23 May and all I have has is an acknowledgement. Everybody seems to want to hold on to my money! but I desperately need it myself now. It is grossly unfair and something needs to be done about it. I cannot get an answer by phone or email – just automated replies.

Roger H says:
7 August 2020

We are due on a Riviera river cruise starting in late September. Riviera have yet to formally admit the cruise is cancelled. Instead they are sending us increasingly frequent emails encouraging us to rebook next year. Their latest ploy was a request to fill in a survey, the wording of which could have been used to imply we had cancelled. This I declined to submit and will continue to sit tight until they announce it has been cancelled, when I will demand a refund.

David McMaster says:
7 August 2020

IGLU CRUISE’S…….We have been waiting 122 day’s for a refund due to a cancelled cruise on Anthem of the Seas due to COVID-19.
Whilst they agree they are legally due to Refund us, this company show’s no sign of doing so. They are making up their own rules. Complaint’s to ABTA CMA and credit card companies are met with ridiculous timeframes for investigation. The most important thing at the moment to maintain people’s belief in the system is to ensure consumers are protected. If they don’t believe this is the case, they won’t spend. What’s to stop any company that doesn’t provide the services you have paid for saying ” we’ll refund you…. sometime”. We desperately need organisations like Which to investigate such companies and shine a light on their dodgy and illegal practices. And question why the bodies set up to protect consumers are sitting on their hands?
Over 300 people on the Facebook Page IGLU Refund Action Group all have similar stories. Please Which…get involved !!!!

Tony Philpott says:
8 August 2020

We had a holiday booked through Railbookers but when cancelled they refused us a refund offering only a credit note. This was despite us pointing out we had an ATOL certificate and the Package Holiday Regulations saying they should refund within 14 days. We offered them a longer period to refund us but they would not budge.
We therefore made a Section 75 claim on our Tesco Mastercard and although it took 10 weeks we have received a full refund.

I am working in dreamworldtravel.co.uk travel agency, there are lots of complaints by the customer which is related about refund their amount, we handling through the cooperation of airlines, but what travel agency can do their best if airlines take some time to refund their amount back.

KIrby says:
7 September 2020

Has anyone had a problem g??etting refund from M&s holiday paid for by M&S credit card