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Have you had problems with tickets from Lastminute.com?

Unhappy customers of Lastminute.com are to get vouchers after posting complaints about the company on Which? Convo. Their comments were among many prompted by a previous Convo about the company.

Lastminute.com agreed to give the vouchers as a ‘goodwill gesture’ after Which? took the complaints directly to it.

Tickets were for the wrong night

Gabriella Norton and Cryss Mennaceur missed seeing the musical Cats in January because of confusion over booking dates. They thought they’d booked for 7 January, but when they went to get the tickets from the box office, they were told their tickets were for the night before.

Lastminute.com denied there had been problems with its booking system, but agreed there was potential for customers to be confused, as when they logged in to their online accounts their orders were described as ‘best availability from 7 January’.

What does top price mean?

Another customer contacted us after reading the Convo to say they had booked ‘top-price’ tickets online for The Lion King but was unhappy to find that he and his family were sat right at the back.

Len Gowing told us he had been assured over the phone that his tickets would be in a row between F and P, but on the evening they were sat in row Z.

Lastminute.com told us Mr Gowing’s tickets were ‘top-price’ seats for that performance, and stalls F-P would have been ‘premium seats’. But it accepted that in this case it may not have been clear. It initially refused any sort of refund, but after we got involved it offered vouchers as a goodwill gesture.

The company said it takes customer satisfaction very seriously and always aims to resolve customer issues promptly. It apologised to customers ‘who feel they have not received the service they deserve and expect’.

Have you had a problem when booking theatre tickets with Lastminute.com or other companies? Have you bought tickets that you felt were confusingly described?


Good to see Which? getting successfully involved in customer problems. I have been feeling in past years that Which? was getting a little too distanced and simply suggested people make use of the Which? stock letters.

This challenging by Which? means more people are aware of the Last-minute “problems” and we can see our subscriptions being used to effect.

Ian says:
26 April 2015

The trick of advertising back of the auditorium theatre tickets as “top price” tickets has been played on many occasions by Last Minute: they sold me 2 “top price” tickets for “The Lion King” more than a year ago and we were seated at the back of the theatre. Surprised they are still getting away with it!

J Varghese says:
26 April 2015

Recently, I booked a hotel with Lastminute.com on the web. Unfortunately, I did not receive the confirmation email. Therefore after 1 week, I phoned the company to see if they could check to see if I had booked a hotel. I had already booked the flight separately by that time.
The agent checked 2 of my credit cards in the booking system and declared that I had not booked any hotels with Lastminute.
I was forced to book another hotel. After the agent booked another hotel and typed my email address, she found the other booking which was booked with another card.
Lastminute has refunded half the cost of the second booking and I have lost £925 which they have refused to pay back. I’m grateful to “Which” if they can help.

Malcolm Riley says:
27 April 2015

I had a similar problem a couple of years ago with Lastminute.com. I booked a room in london for a specific night but when the booking came through it was for a different date. They refused to accept it was their software that was as fault!!
I haven’t used them since and never will

Carolyn says:
3 September 2015

I had a massive argument with lastminute.com a few weeks ago trying to book front row tickets to the Railway Children. The online transaction failed and I was told to ring the help line. When I did, I was told there was an error – apparently other people had had similar issues. The man on the phone tried to book tickets as well, but his attempt failed. At this point £180 had been “frozen” by my bank but I had no tickets. After a day of complaining the money was released but I never received a satisfactory explanation as to why my transactions failed. I was advised at one point that the tickets had become unavilable whilst in my basket but this was not what the helpline told me. I was told I could book again, but I decided against it.

It was the right decision – I purchased tickets elsewhere and arrived to pick them up for the performance on Sunday 30th August. There was a huge queue of lastminute.com customers who had gone to pick their tickets up but had just found out there had been an error and they didn’t have tickets. I was truly horrified. I hope these people have complained and got their money back. Based on my dealings with them, I shan’t be using them again.

Jean says:
4 November 2015

Hi. We booked four tickets with Last Minute for The Lion King – a Saturday matinee – to take our grandchildren aged 5 and 7. We wanted to be in the stalls particularly, as we had heard there was a lot of interaction with the performers in the aisles on the ground floor and we knew they would love that. I therefore opted for the stalls. When I discovered we couldn’t choose seats, I phoned Lastminute to enquire whereabouts in the stalls the seats would be. The representative said they couldn’t say, but that it would definitely be in the first but he said it would definitely be in the first quarter section of the stalls. I reiterated, it would definitely be within the first section and he confirmed that it would. On those grounds I paid for the tickets and the cost was £466. When we arrived at the theatre with two very excited children, we found we were half way up in the royal circle. The theatre of course could do nothing to change the tickets and when I called lastminute, they said they could understand our dilemma, they were very sorry, but the best thing would be to go to the show and then take it up with Customer Services at lastminute afterwards.

I have had correspondence with Lastminute since then, they have accepted the error and after some time, they are offering a refund of £50 as a gesture of good will. I replied that I thought £100 would be more appropriate, considering the cost of the tickets and the disappointment, but they have refused.

I would very much appreciate some feedback on what we should do. Thanks.

I am currently in communication with lastminute over bungled accommodation booking which has left my husband out of pocket through no fault of his. They are refusing to take responsibility. I will NEVER deal with this company again. Reading the stories on here, I would like to hear from anyone else who has had problems with them?

I have just noticed at the top of this convo that lastminute are offering vouchers to compensate for poor customer service. I don’t want vouchers….I just want what is due to my husband because of their mistake.

I posted details of an utter debacle that I experienced with this firm on TripAdvisor forums. To cut a long story short, they made a complete shambles of my flight bookings to/from Australia and to add insult to injury, wouldn’t refund all that they owed me. After a four month battle, during which I took legal action against them, even reaching the bailiff stage, I eventually forced their hand and recovered the outstanding sum, including costs. I think that they simply rely on the fact that most complainants will just give up after being given a Royal runaround and won’t pursue them to this extent. Depending on the sum, I would strongly recommend the Government Money Claim Online system as a means of recovering monies owed. A dreadful experience of incompetence and appalling complaint handling which, needless to say, I will never risk again with them. Keep away and let’s spread the word.

No Name says:
11 September 2017

who did you sue? Do they have any registered office in the UK?

LM Next UK Ltd. Yes, in Hatton Garden, London. Details were from their comms/website.

On the 28th Jan 2016 I was supposed to travel on a flights from Stansted to Dundee . The flight was cancelled and we were informed at the departure gate, after checking in. Despite several emails and countless calls to lastminute .com where each time i have had to explain the circumstances again. Also forwarding written evidence to them from the airline ( FlyBe / Loganair) that i am entitled to a full refund here I am no nearer them refunding me the £252.57. Yesterday they told me the server was down. I said I will wait while its up again and mysteriously they retrieve my details! I am just off the phone to them again and they are still trying delay tactics saying they have to get the refund from the airline before they refund me except they wont give me a date.
In summary they have stolen my money and lied to me.

My daughter and her friend booked tickets Luton- Larcnac , from different computers/ in different cities and were given the same booking reference. money has been taken from both girls, but only 1 confirmation has been generated.

They reckon that only 1 payment was taken and that it was my daughters friend credit card that was rejected, but then quoted a card number that belonged to my daughter. and that the only reservation is in my daughters friends name. We have a screen print which shows my daughters confirmation (on screen only) at the time and her friends email confirmation. for 7 days they have been giving my daughter and wife the run around.

How their system can generate this mess up for 2 users, using different cards is frightening. If the 2 didn’t know each other then god knows what mess we’d be. been told i will be called in 24/48 hours- mmm lets wait and see.

Marzena says:
16 August 2016

I booked with lastminute.com Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen in June 2016, however I received confirmation for completely different hotel on the same street. This is very strange because I never even looked or heard about that hotel. After 1,5h conversation with customer care the gentlemen wanted to book Marriott for me however he didn’t have Marriott in Copenhagen on his list while at the same time I could proceed with the booking again. He meant to investigate the ‘website error’ hence I booked Grand Hotel hoping they would return my money. After weeks the said I booked the wrong hotel, which surely is not the case because I would at least remember looking at that hotel. I lost over £400.

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Hi Marzena, that sounds like an odd situation. Did you keep any record of your booking?

weymouth, GB
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Published 3 seconds ago
Appalling service left me stranded at last minute.

I booked a flight and car package from the UK to Melbourne. I had to go over on short notice and booked late on Friday (or in early minutes/hours of Saturday) for a Monday departure. You know… last minute. The price changed which lastminute.com notified me of. That’s fine. I agreed to pay the difference/new price. They said someone from accounts would be in touch to collect the payment. No one called after a day and as it was last minute I contacted them as I wanted some confirmation. They checked their records and assured me again that someone would be in touch about the 28 euro difference. Again, no one called. This went on. By Monday, the day of the flight, I rented my car to get me to Heathrow, had bags packed and had to leave… and still no calls or confirmation. I chase them up again and finally they say they couldn’t make the booking as the price had changed. They had in fact cancelled the lot and only notified me hours before the flight left. I was now left at the “last minute” to fend for myself and pay the penalty for booking a flight on the day. It was a truly crap experience that forced me to drive like a madman to the airport and pay the premium price at the on-site ticket desk minutes before the gate closed. I didn’t have time to bother with a car rental at the other end. It was a disgusting performance for a company that calls itself “lastminute”. They never booked any flight but simply strung me along in the belief it was only a matter of paying the small difference. They simply set me up for a fall and take absolutely zero responsibility for the situation their own inability to communicate created. Simply the worst I have experienced. In trying to rectify this, which I have, they seem totally unable to comprehend the cost,stress and inconvenience they cause. No doubt they will leave a crappy response here saying they are looking into it. This is just a customer service smoke screen for an incredibly irresponsible company.

Frances Biernacka says:
8 September 2017

Am currently enjoying the farce that is LastMinute.com. We’d booked to fly to Amsterdam from London City airport to attend afriends surprise birthday party- we booked BA flights and booked a 3 night hotel stay through LastMinute. Having sat on a plane already delayed an hour prior to boarding, for a further hour and a quarter, we were informed the flight was cancelled due to technical faults. When we eventually got to the BA check in desk , the que was horrendous- and other passengers eventually informed us that only one further flight was leaving, and that was already full. As we knew there was no longer any hope of attending the party that evening, we left, got a cab all the way home to Hertfordshire ( another £140) arriving home just after11pm. I rang LastMinute early next morning to inform the what had happened,and to start the process of a refund (trip was £844.49) Guess what? Although I have been informed 4 times that I’m a “priority”, no progress has been made to attempt a refund. I’ve called BA myself, and although sympathetic, can’t help me as the refund submission must come from Lastminute, who so far haven’t submitted a claim, but are “investigating” the circumstances……of a cancelled BA flight due to a technical fault…… that they are more than happy to confirm!! The good thing is, I’m home all day every day, and am quite happy to ring them all day every day- I’m going no where, and I want my money back! I love the idea of writing letters of complaint to all the consumer rights pages of the big newspapers. If I have to write weekly till one of them finally prints my letter just to get rid of me, well great! As long as LastMinute get some bad press, and it puts off people using them. Ditto every net forum I can find. Like Liam Neeson in Taken, I too have a particular set of skills, which include active fingers for keyboard and letter writing, a dogged hatred of being turned over, and bags of time to indulge my perclivaties, one of which is currently investigating EU law to see if it’s being broken ( am looking at rule 261/2004)Like all female winbags, I love not only a good excuse for a moan, but I love a good fight too….. ahh, that smell of Napalm in the morning. Beware LastMinute.com… Winter is coming.