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Souvenirs for pets – give the dog a holiday bone!

A dog with sunglasses and a suitcase

Shhh, don’t tell my dog! According to new research, one in 10 Brits buy their pets a holiday gift and I’m not one of them. Would you buy a holiday pressie for your pooch?

Don’t get me wrong, my Patterdale terrier gets a good deal – a walk in the park every morning at 6.30am no matter the weather, a nice blanket to lie on in the living room instead of cold floorboards, and a tasty bone to eat at the weekend.

But when it comes to buying a present for her to bring back from my holidays, I’m afraid it just doesn’t happen.

Sparing time for souvenir shopping

On reflection though, I don’t really buy many holiday gifts at all. I’m still quite traditional and send postcards to family and a few close friends, but aside from buying the person looking after my dog some sweets, and the compulsory biscuits for my workmates, I don’t spend valuable holiday time in shops searching for presents.

The new Thomas Cook research, however, claims that more people bought a £6 chew toy during flights than the women’s fragrance ‘Gucci Guilty’. Perhaps this happened on the journey home, when dog owners were looking forward to the much-missed warm welcome they’d soon get from their excitable four-legged friends. Or perhaps they suddenly felt guilty at leaving their pooch in kennels for a fortnight while they’d been treated and pampered.

Give your woof the gift of travel

Me and my dog have been best friends for nine years now, and during that time we’ve had many a great holiday together (I take my husband too). She’s a wonderful traveller and enjoys a car trip, which is just as well, as it was an 18-hour drive to the tip of Scotland! I still go on holidays abroad, but over the past few years I’ve also discovered a whole host of great destinations on my doorstep (OK, maybe the Outer Hebrides aren’t quite on my doorstep). The best bit is – they cater for dogs.

We’ve climbed mountains, waded through rivers and enjoyed a game of frisbee on the beach, staying in amazing dog-friendly hotels and self-catering properties along the way. On occasion you have to pay extra, but many accept dogs at no extra cost, as long as they are well-behaved. And fortunately, my terrier hasn’t let me down.

So would she really want a present from any future hols? No, I think she’d prefer to join me! Do you believe in buying souvenirs for pets?

richard says:
30 March 2013

If you actually buy a dog a holiday BONE from abroad – you will be breaking the law – Very miss-leading headline. I buy my dogs presents every time – as I do for the rest of the family why not???

We were actually discussing this at the airport last week. We were surprised that there were no shops catering for pets.

We didn’t buy anything for our dogs but this was the first time we had put them in kennels and they were just pleased to see us home. To us it is not a holiday if we don’t have our dogs with us.

richard says:
3 April 2013

I’m the same – In all honesty I wouldn’t go on holiday without my dogs

Sophie Gilbert says:
3 April 2013

If buying souvenirs for their pets pleases their owners (and the pets, even if they haven’t a clue where the presents come from), why not indeed? And if it boosts the local economies in these hard times, so much the better. Go for it, bring back dog biscuits shaped like miniature Metaxa bottles from Greece, or a frisbee in the shape of a sombrero from Spain, a new litter box with Eiffel towers on it for the cat saying “I did it in Paris” if you took the cat with you, and so on.