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When flying with Easyjet is anything but easy


You know that holiday feeling of not wanting to go back to reality? Well maybe reality isn’t quite so bad. Terri joins us as a guest to explain what happened when her Easyjet flight was delayed for almost two days…

After a great holiday, we were due to fly back from Malaga to Bristol with Easyjet on the evening of Thursday 8 June. As our flight was due to board, we were informed that it had actually been cancelled because passengers from an earlier flight delay were taking our plane.

We were then taken back to the check-in hall and eventually everyone was put up in hotels. This took several hours, as one bus did three journeys to different hotels. We were lucky, we got to a hotel just before 1am – others with children didn’t get there until three in the morning!

Delayed reaction

The next day we made our way back to the airport, checked in and were given a light refreshment voucher for breakfast. We dutifully waited for our plane, which now had a new flight number. Then came the announcement that there was a delay. Followed by another. Eventually, three hours later, Easyjet informed us that our flight would not take off on that day either.

So yet again we were taken to collect our baggage and escorted on to buses to get carted to various hotels across Malaga.

The next day at the airport none of our boarding passes worked at the security gate. But eventually we were let in and made our way to the departure gate – only to again be told of a delay.

Engine trouble

Finally, we were put on (another) bus and taken out to a plane on the runway. We all got on, got seated and had the safety procedure display.

Then we heard an odd noise. The captain proceeded to tell us that he couldn’t start one of the engines, that he was going to try to start the other engine first to build up the pressure to start the second. He said this wasn’t guaranteed to work, but asked for a show of hands to see who wanted him to still try and fly, and who wanted to get off the plane.

Now emotions started running high. Most of us wanted to get off and everyone was understandably upset. It took about two more hours to get us all off and back to the terminal. There, Easyjet told us the plane that was bound for Gatwick would be rerouted to Bristol for us. It then told the Gatwick passengers that their plane was not flying due to an air-conditioning failure

We finally made it home at 6pm on Saturday 10 June – two days after our scheduled arrival

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Not so easy to claim

Easyjet is now informing us that we are only entitled to one lot of EU compensation, even though our first flight was cancelled and the second flight delayed by over three hours, and both flights had different flight numbers.

Some of the passengers have been paid one lot of compensation and others have had nothing at all. Some of us have received a phone call offering us £150 of Easyjet vouchers as a goodwill gesture. I informed the gentleman who called me exactly where he could stick them.

So our fight to get the correct amount of compensation paid to us continues.

I can’t believe I’m the only one who’s had an awful experience like this. How can Easyjet be allowed to get away with behaving so atrociously and then not compensate everyone equally and fairly – and straight away?

Easyjet’s response

We gave Easyjet the opportunity to reply to this convo. Here’s what a spokesperson for the company said:

“easyJet is sorry that flight EZY9958 from Malaga to Bristol on 8 June was delayed overnight due to a technical issue. Passengers were provided with meal vouchers, overnight hotel accommodation and regular updates whilst our engineering team worked hard to try and get passengers to get to Bristol as soon as possible.

“Our engineers planned for the flight to depart on 10 June but unfortunately a further technical issue occurred and the pilot attempted to use one engine to start the other engine as is normal procedure. Because he was aware that the passengers had already been considerably delayed due to a technical problem the pilot asked the passengers if they would like to get off or remain on board whilst the engine start up sequence continued. At no point did the pilot ask passengers to take a vote on flying the aircraft nor would we ever attempt to fly the aircraft without both engines working correctly.

“Due to this further technical issue, easyJet then decided to fly the passengers back on a replacement aircraft from London Gatwick which departed Malaga on 10 June.

“We apologise to passengers for the inconvenience as a result of the delay.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is the airline’s highest priority.”

Have ever been in a similar situation to Terri? If so, tell us what you had to do and how you went about claiming compensation.


Well I had to wait 7 months and get the Ombudsman to intervene when my BA flight was cancelled and all flights fully booked for 2 days. I took ferry and all I wanted was flight refund! easyJet are great. Paid up within the week

BA seem to go out of their way to make claiming for compensation as difficult as possible. Good to hear that your Easyjet experience was better Sidi.

Im at a loss why anyone uses them for a package holiday .Luggage and Transfers are extra to holiday prices and, i have yet to find a like for like holiday with them ,better value than other main carriers, so dont even bother look elsewere.