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Diamond Jubilee memorabilia – tat or treasure?

Whether you’re a monarchy lover, or just looking forward to the long weekend, there’s no doubt that the Diamond Jubilee is resonating through this green and pleasant land we call home.

While some may go in fighting, like the royalist who threw out some customers that refused to stand for the National Anthem in her monarchy-inspired tea shop, others may be looking for a different way to celebrate the pageantry that the Jubilee brings.

Fear not, for whether you’re a Fortnum and Mason fan, or just popping into your local Tesco, there’s plenty of memorabilia to lend sparkle to your Diamond Jubilee weekend. I’ve rounded up the best we’ve spotted – can you do better?

Jubilee Musical Biscuit Tin

If you like some bling with your biscuits, look no further that the Jubilee Musical Biscuit Tin from Fortnum & Mason. This piece of memorabilia wouldn’t look too out of place on the most discerning of coffee tables – and if you wind the key in its base, it will play ‘God Save the Queen’. Your elevenses will never be the same again.

Patriotic spuds

When you think of the Queen, what comes to mind? I’m thinking the humble potato isn’t the first thing, but this may change with the new Patriotic Potatoes Collection. Pick up a Highland Burgundy Red, a Salad Blue and a British Queen, to provide a patriotic spectrum of colours to dress up any dinner plate.

Royal Tea tea bags

If the likelihood of the Queen popping round for tea is looking slim, then these tea bags could be the next best thing. Featuring cardboard cut-outs of the monarchy from William and Kate to the Queen herself, prepare for things to heat up with these eccentric tea bags, made from a classic Assam blend.

Portable Queen cut-out

Bring a sense of ceremony to your Jubilee weekend barbecue with a portable Queen cut-out. Life-size and dressed in a timeless gown and jewellery, she will be ready to greet your guests with finesse and grace.

Royal face mask

Would you like to look like the Queen? Of course you would! Now you and five of your friends or relatives can with these royal face masks – replete with tight curls, diamond drop earrings and to top it off, a crown.

Solar waving Queen

If the weather holds up for the Jubilee weekend, then this Solar Waving Queen could be the cherry on your Jubilee cake. When the sun shines on her, she will wave her gloved hand jubilantly. Just like real life?

Jubilee sick bag

It may be construed as treasonous thoughts, but for those whom the whole Jubilee process brings on a feeling of mild nausea, the ‘Bling it Up’ Jubilee sick bag could be what you’re looking for. For £3.00 you may be being sick – but you’ll look stylish doing so.

Will you find a place for this memorabilia in your Jubilee celebrations – or have you found some better alternatives?

Sophie Gilbert says:
1 June 2012

The world we live in: we have just talked about how we must confront debt to combat child poverty and now we’re on to diamond jubilee memorabilia tat. Decadence is one of the words that come to mind. Better laugh about it.

Up here in Scotland we’re more likely to think of the items above as tat, although the sick bag will come in handy on any weekend.

I’d like to look like the queen 60 years ago, not the queen now.

The solar waiving queen is just brilliant. Like the Elvis clock with the legs rocking underneath. I might purchase this one for when Scotland becomes independent, her waiving us goodbye (hopefully not from the lifeboat…).

I believe that the SNP has pledged to keep Scotland a monarchy if it became independent, so it may not be a wave of goodbye but welcome if you bought the gesturing queen…

However, with questions over EU membership on Scottish independence then perhaps you could get a goodbye waving Herman Van Rompuy (surely they were made for Europe Day?)

Sophie Gilbert says:
2 June 2012

Yes, the SNP’s definition of independence is a strange, wishy-washy one, patently different from mine. The subject of several convos to come (there has already been at least one, hasn’t there) as it will no doubt affect consumer issues.

Herman Van Rompuy clock, excellent, thanks for the laugh!

Enjoy whatever you do on this long weekend, everyone, no matter what you’re up to.

If kept unused, the clockwork biscuit tin might interest a collector in a few decades.

Though I have no real interest in our monarchy, I hope the designer of the sick bag receives the criticism she deserves from those who are supporters.

Our baby’s nappies have a Union Flag design on them – but maybe that’s Olympic Games inspired, not sure…

While I’m sure there are some lovely products out there to buy (commemorative plate, anyone?) I’m getting pretty bored of the most unrelated items having Union Jacks slapped on them in a blatant attempt to cash-in on the Jubilee. As I was going round the supermarket the other day I couldn’t believe how much of the food had been ‘themed’ – but it was actually just the standard product with a flag on the label. Jubilee coleslaw was the final straw for me.

Hannah – You will need the Jubilee coleslaw to go with your Coronation chicken and Jersey Royal potato salad!
Me? I’m having Ma’amite sandwiches. Yes . . . I kid you not. The good old yeast extract has been given a Jubilee makeover with a rather attractive Union Flag label. Needing a replacement I picked up a jar in the Coop today and am looking forward to celebrating in style.

Well I shall see if there is anything that is not too tacky in the shops, and show willing.

It’s good to see you looking in again Hannah. Perhaps you could get Patrick a jar of the Jubilee Marmite mentioned by John. 🙂