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Covid test fraud: how big is the problem?

With reports of some individuals doctoring Covid test certificates, we want to explore if it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Are you aware of similar behaviour?

Covid testing has become so much a part of the dull admin of travel that it’s almost possible to forget that it has a serious purpose. 

The idea, remember, is to keep track of infected individuals entering the country, stop dangerous variants spreading and make the UK a safer place.

How well it does this is open to debate, but most people accept that some testing is necessary, even if they’re angry about how much it costs.

Covid test forgeries

Unfortunately there are those who try to avoid their responsibility. According to The Mirror, a music teacher pleaded guilty to forgery earlier this year after doctoring an old test certificate to avoid buying a new one.

Even more seriously, another British man was reportedly arrested in Poland after changing his positive Covid test certificate to negative so that he could travel home.

There’s a real fear that these stories of people who got caught may just be the tip of the iceberg. How many more of them got away with it?

Share your stories in confidence

We’re interested to know, in complete confidence, whether any of you have heard stories of somebody doctoring a test certificate, buying a fake negative certificate, or other similar behaviour.

If you’ve gone as far as to do something like this yourself, then please do let us know why you thought that it was OK.

You can get in touch at travelexperts@which.co.uk – anonymously if you like and in complete confidence – if you do have information for us about forged Covid test certificates.

You can also give us your views on the subject in the comments below.

12 September 2021

I would not fake a test but overheard in the village shop today that all you need do is pour lemon juice over the gismo of the rapid test kits to change a negative to a postive reaction. Is this true or just an urban myth? Always some idiots who want to buck the system.

I heard this too, I’ve also seen certain people selling vaccine records online for £500 a pop. I’m not too sure how this all works but it’s crazy if it’s true and not a scam.

Why are people travelling to and from UK directed to UK government approved LFT companies requiring them to pay for tests that are free and the same as NHS? Very confusing that Government directs people to obtain LFT test to such companies when leaving UK where Foreign governments will accept NHS tests. Apart from another obstacle and tax on foreign travel, what is the reasoning behind this inconsistent practice, or is it a further example of illegal preference, like the fast track PPE?