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Can you say it with a Christmas song?

Christmas song

Our National Poetry Day convo in October spawned such spectacular stanzas and rhyming couplets, we thought we’d repeat the experience – this time in homage to Christmas. As before, our guest poet Ian is here to commence the merriment…

To the melody of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
On Christmas Eve, we do take leave
Of senses far and wide.
The kids in bed, now wrap that sled
And underneath it slide
The calendar for all next year’s
Appointments, big and small.
Then it’s giving of socks, vests, hankies, not forgetting toys
Then it’s opening of most especially toys.


To the melody of Winter Wonderland
Have the tills started ringing?
Have the sales started winging
Their way towards you?
It makes you feel blue,
Trudging through the Christmas hinterland.

In the stores I’m trying to find a pressie.
Can’t make up my mind ‘twixt blue and grey.
Bought him socks and undies just last Wednesday.
I might just get a sweater, then, and say…

Christmas Eve’s rather hectic,
When you try for eclectic.
So try to stay sane and just get the same
Socks and undies as you got last year.


To the melody of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Have yourself a quiet, relaxing Christmas,
All the shopping’s done.
Turkey’s stuffed and all the presents wrapped in place

Kids are fast asleep beneath the covers,
Having Christmas dreams,
All too soon the magic will be gone, it seems…

Once again, as the fire dies down,
And the flames lick round the log,
We’ll remember the older times
When it didn’t seem a slog.

Then the morning’s on us all too quickly,
And the kids awake.
Dragging sacks that bulge with secrets down the stairs.
So have yourselves a very merry Christmas Day.


Can you write down your Christmas experiences in song?