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The Which? Conversation 2016 quiz

Christmas Which? Conversation

Merry Christmas to all our Which? Conversation community members! Here’s a fiendish Christmas quiz to put your Which? Conversation expertise to the test…

We wanted to say a great big thank you for all your support in 2016, so thought we’d gift you with this very special bumper quiz toΒ test out your Which? Convo knowledge.

So, why not challenge yourself today, or if you have time between unwrapping presents, feasting on turkey and fizz (let’s hope you managed to bag some of our Best Buys this year!) and playing endless games of Cluedo,Β you can always try this out tomorrow πŸ™‚


Don’t forget to let us know how you get on!


17 out of 20, including some guesswork. I did not know the TalkTalk fine, I confused the number of phone boxes and post offices, and guessed the right answer but clicked the wrong button for the question about visits to Which? Convo. Was there really a question about Patrick Steen’s toenails?

Thanks for the Christmas Quiz, Mel.

How did that get through!?

Even I didn’t get full marks πŸ˜‰

Not a bad result. But I do read Which Reports and also listen to the BBC news!

Also got 17/20 first time. can any body beat that?.

16/20 not bad for 71 year old

Impressive score, Lynne. Well done! πŸ™‚

16/20Not bad for a 73 year old either, and think what I might have scored if I had read Which? Conversations regularly!

Great work! Yes, perhaps you’ll get full marks in the 2017 quiz? πŸ˜‰

16/20 pretty good I reckon. Keep up the campaigning Which?

Thanks win and thanks for your support πŸ™‚

I can’t remember reading a lot of the questions, so how I managed 17 I really do not know, and at 91. Bring on some more it was fun.

Great work Queenie!

Ok guys you were fantastic, I got only 12/20

It’s not easy!

Peter says:
24 December 2016

I must admit to surprising myself a little with the score of 20/20

Wow, great work

15 out of 20, not bad considering some were absolute guesses.

At 82, I reckon 15/20 was not bad especially as I don’t know what Which convo is!.

Well done Dav, you did great. Perhaps you’ll be a regular on the Which? community site in 2017?

17/20, but then I got 21/20 when I did it again. Surprised that 3 million visited Convos; they are clearly discerning people, and hope they will spread the word.

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21/20!? That’s impressive Malcolm! But I expect nothing less πŸ˜€

Yes, lots of people visiting, but many as regularly as you and the other top community members.

Duncan, those are just visits for Which? Conversation – the other websites bring in a lot of traffic

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I thought after completion I only got two wrong but my score was 17/20! Either I have forgotten how to count or no-one is going to score more than 17! I was certain God had something to do with the new Consumer Rights Act! Maybe he did play a role somewhere in the minds of the law makers, so could I claim another half a point for that? I am not sure whether he would approve of Patrick’s toe nails though πŸ™‚

I loved the festive presentation of the quiz Melanie?

As a testament to a miss-spent retirement I have to confess to a first time score of 19/20 – I guessed the Men’s Final at Wimbledon would be a bigger draw for ticket sales on unofficial websites than Euro 2016 but I should have realised that the soccer was a whole tournament and the tennis just a single match.

My turn to ask a question. Unless someone has computer generated the image at the top of this page, it looks like we have someone who has put in time doing cross stitch embroidery.

Anyone admit to being artistic? πŸ™‚

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I expect you are right, Duncan, but hopefully Mel did it by hand.

At least you tried. All I learned at primary school was French knitting. πŸ™

I think it was @adam-gillett on Photoshop. He has some skills. But maybe there’s room for knitting, embroidery and more this year from some of the Which? supporters?

Yes, I’m afraid I have to fess up to some digital trickery here. Glad you like it!

Excellent. Keep it coming.

It’s known as Petit Point Embroidery, sometimes called Needlepoint. There is supposed to be a subtle difference between the two but I have never been able to establish what it is. There are a few websites with explicit instructions on the basic stitches. I have heard of men taking it up as well as woman as a relaxing hobby, but I have never been tempted to try it myself.

I’ve had this explained by a friend, Beryl, but it went over my head.

Norman Willis, General Secretary of the TUC in the 1980’s/’90’s, was a well-known needlepoint practitioner and would take his frame and materials on train journeys to silently and contemplatively occupy the time. Those were the days.

[They never ask the right questions in quizzes.]

I hope you found it comfortable.

“Finally, approximately how many people visited Which? Conversation in 2016?”

Is the answer unique visitors or just visits? Just curious.

And something for all: how many YouTube views are recorded for the Which? channel? 3m, 11m, 33m

Hi Patrick! Visits or sessions. There were 2.4m unique visitors or users.

I got 15/20.

Pretty good, Sophie. It wasn’t supposed to be an easy quiz πŸ˜›

Neilser says:
30 December 2016

18/20 I guess I must have taken something in over the year.
Keep up the good work Which. Wishing all 3 million customers a happy new year.

Excellent score, Neilser! Happy New Year to you too – we look forward to hearing from you more in the new year!

17 out of 20 and kicking myself on a couple of my wrong answers

You do have a second chance, Michael, having learned from the first (“lessons will be learned!”). I scored 21 second time round……… πŸ˜‰