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Is that hurry holiday deal really worth the rush?

beat the clock

Had an email from an airline along the lines of: ‘Someone else will bag that bargain-priced holiday if you don’t act now’? Well, don’t bother – we’ve discovered there is nothing to hurry for.

We tracked more than 30 of these ‘hurry’ deals, from flash sales online to those listed in the back of your newspaper, and found most of them aren’t deals at all. You don’t even need to hurry to get the prices on offer.


No need for speed

These ads are nothing new: companies beseeching us to ‘buy now or almost certainly miss out on the bargain of the month/year/century’, pleading with us to act immediately or forever feel like fools for missing out on a steal.

But when you’re shopping for a holiday, these time-limited deals and cheap flight sale ads are especially ubiquitous.

The underlying message is always the same. Someone else will get their hands on that bargain-priced holiday, bag the last of those cheap flights, or reserve that cut-price hotel room first, unless you act now.

We’ll be reporting the travel companies we caught selling cut-price deals at what doesn’t really add up to a cut price to Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Agency.

How to find a cheap flight

Of course, it is possible to be clever and find good deals when buying holidays and flights. Knowing which airlines consistently offer cheap flights throughout the year and choosing to fly on certain days of the week are just a couple of ways to cut the costs.

In this month’s Which? Travel magazine, we look at five ways to save on flights and show how to knock more than £200 off a return trip to Italy.

Have you ever responded to a ‘hurry now’ ad for a holiday? Did it end up being a good deal or just a ruse to get you to purchase quickly?


Many people do not seem to have time to stop and think they must do everything as quickly as they can Those selling anything at all will try to persuade you to make a quick decision in some way It’s not just scammers that are doing that all business is doing it in some way WAIT STOP and THINK before doing anything LOOK elsewhere you can always find better deals if you take time to look Much better deals as well but many cannot be bothered to preferring to waste their money that stop and think

I agree with the above statements. I find you just ned to look around and do a comparison with other holiday companies and you will normally find a better deal!