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Do you visit the same old holiday destinations?

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When was the last time you travelled somewhere new for your holiday? Apparently Brits prefer to visit the same old holiday destinations. Are you also a creature of habit?

Almost a third of British travellers visit the same location for their annual break, or so says a survey of 2,156 adults by TravelSupermarket.com. And 10% of those have admitted to going to the same place more than 20 times! Can’t that get a bit dull?

I guess where you go on holiday depends on your reasons for taking the break in the first place. If it’s to escape from the chaos of daily life, it definitely makes sense to go somewhere you feel comfortable.

That’s reflected in the survey – 68% of those asked made repeat visits because they knew what to expect, which in turn meant they could relax.

A holiday or a routine?

However, if you really do go to the same country every single year, does it still count as a holiday? Isn’t it more of a routine?

Although that’s the whole point when it comes to timeshares or buying a holiday home, in my view a holiday should be about visiting new cultures and discovering new sights around the world. It’s promising then that of those asked 69% were willing to try new things, despite currently preferring a familiar holiday.

Of course, not everyone can afford to cherry-pick locations to visit each and every year. So it’s unsurprising that cost is what’s holding most people back from taking the plunge into the world of the unknown.

We’re in austere times, so is it really worth taking the risk and jetting off somewhere that could turn into the holiday from hell? According to the survey, a well-priced holiday is the one thing that would persuade people to try a new location, followed by a personal recommendation.

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to going on your annual break? Is there one place that you’re more likely to revisit than anywhere else?


My OH and I often visit the same gite in the Dordogne. This is partly because we both love France and the French (well, those who don’t have the misfortune to be Parisian!) but partly because it took us absolutely ages to find a delightful and tastefully-decorated gite with all the facilities we wanted (pretty, private swimming pool and on its own) that handn’t been completely ruined by retired Brits turning a rustic rural retreat into something that wouldn’t look out of place inside a bungalow in Eastbourne.

Apart from that one place, and Cornwall at any time of year, I much prefer exploring somewhere new. Even when out walking on my own doorstep in the Cotswolds.

I go wherever I haven’t been before if it is out of this country and I can afford it.

I am always attracted to North Wales for short breaks. The dwywryd, dovey and mawddach estuaries are wonderful, quiet relaxing places when the sun shines……. hmm, not very often then!

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