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What happened in The Lobby in April?

The Lobby

The Lobby is Which? Conversation’s very own virtual coffee shop. Here are just some of the highlights from April’s conversations…

After the community saw straight through our reporting of the new micro veg on April Fool’s Day, the jokes and one liners kept coming all month, with Ian serving up a veritable feast of them, alongside some delicious-sounding Easter treats and, of course, the Easter quiz.

Driving safely

Another comment even led to talk of a phallic-shaped hotel somewhere in the West Country 😛, before turning to the more serious discussion of motorway etiquette – and undertaking, in particular.

Derek P said:

‘Undertaking any vehicle is a risky manoeuvre, because the vehicle’s driver may suddenly decide to move back to the left-hand lane. On motorways, a clear hard shoulder may provide somewhere to go if this happens, but, on dual carriageways, an alternative contingency plan for collision avoidance may be needed.’

While Ian thought the practice could make driving safer:

‘Although we enjoy the second lowest road deaths totals in the world, I believe roads could be made safer by the sensible implementation of passing on either side regulations. It would certainly deal with middle lane hogs at the very least.’

Easter DIY

Some of you used the long Easter break to do some DIY and share your advice:

Malcolm r offered these sage words:

‘DIY is good for the soul – if you learn to do it properly, which requires practice! My advice – buy decent quality tools; they’ll last you a lifetime (if you don’t lend them) and generally help you do the job better.’

A separate chat about missing apps on smart TVs, led to your own mini discussion about the technology in general, with Vynor wondering if he was the only one to think smart TVs were actually dumb and a complete waste of time?

John Ward said:

‘In 2014, we made a mistake and bought a Sony Smart TV but we have never seen the need to enable its ‘smart’ functions, so it’s just a dumb TV like any other, but its performance leaves a lot to be desired. The sound quality is appalling, the channel list is all over the place, the programme guide is largely vacant. If we miss something we don’t bother to run after it and don’t really have time to do catch-up. We pre-programme things we want to see into the PVR and that takes care of any episodes interrupted by phone calls or visitors. It’s not our main TV so we don’t use it very often and at 42″ we think it is far too big and dominant. I can see it going on the redundancy list before long.’

While Alfa also admitted that she never used the smart capabilities of her bedroom TV either:

‘We went for a Panasonic that satisfied both picture and sound. It came with the Smart bits but they have never been used.’

Bank holidays

Another bank holiday got you wondering what would happen if more were added to the national calendar.

John Ward said:

‘Scotland would need an extra day in lieu since St Andrew’s Day 30 November is already a bank holiday there. Northern Ireland already has a St Patrick’s Day 17 March bank holiday so an extra day in lieu would be needed there as well; the province also has an additional bank holiday on 12 July [Orangemen’s Day]. The months of March and April [Easter is two weeks earlier next year] are getting over-congested with bank holidays and there are periods when another day off would be welcome [5 November?]. More public holidays will appeal to workers but not to employers; workers in the retail, hospitality and service sectors can demand double pay and a day off in lieu for working on public holidays. In the manufacturing and general trade sectors, output and productivity would fall, and bosses are saying that, now that most UK firms – and probably the entire public sector – allow three or four weeks annual leave, comparisons with other countries are not necessarily valid.’

Finally, we’ll leave you with this friendly food for thought:

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