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Weirdest gadgets – can you beat tweeting scales?

Withings' tweeting scales

Inhalable vitamins? Tweeting weighing scales? A plastic egg invented to prevent the (apparently widespread) problem of toilet splash back? Do you own any weird and wonderful gadgets that rival these?

While searching for new and interesting home appliances at the Ideal Home Show I came across a wide variety of products that would make the Dragons’ Den judges reel. However, there were three that definitely stood out as the weirdest.

Now I love a good novelty gadget, and there are plenty – like the pop art toaster – that I would happily welcome into my home. But tweeting scales? Who on earth wants their daily weight tweeted for all the world to see on Twitter? Surely this sits firmly in the category of ‘too much information’?!

Splash-back preventing plastic egg – the Egglu

And as for the splash-back preventing plastic egg – the Egglu – is it really answering a need? Is the UK crying out for a splash-back solution? If I saw one in my friend’s toilet bowl, I’m pretty sure I’d assume it was a small child’s lost toy.

Breathable vitamins – whatever next?

Le Whif's inhalable vitaminsLe Whif’s inhalable vitamins are said to be ‘the easy way’ to get your recommended daily dose, by letting you absorb vitamins through the lining of your mouth. But would they really make life that much easier than swallowing your vitamins in tablet form?

They do come in nice coloured tubes, so they’d brighten up your bathroom shelves. I’m still not convinced, though I am quite keen on the idea of inhalable chocolate and coffee, which Le Whif also offers!

What do you reckon – do any of these odd contraptions appeal to you? And do you own any weird and wonderful gadgets of your own?

Gavin Mitchell says:
21 March 2011

Getting a stand at the Ideal Homes show is a bit elaborate for an April Fool, but whatever floats their boat. If by some weird chance it’s real, the Egglu will be even more delightful when it’s partially covered in human faeces. And for even more fun, cleaning the **** off it will be a nice challenge as it bobs about in the water forever evading the toilet brush.

I can kind of see the point in the Tweeting scales – knowing your weight is going to be broadcast would be an incentive to stick to your diet, but there probably aren’t many people masochistic enough to buy them in the first place.

Jack says:
21 March 2011

I have one and it works

What is it you have Jack, an Eggula in your toilet, or some tweeting scales?

My weirdest gadget: my wife. Out-tweets anything you can find.

I’ve got the Withings scales – you can turn off the tweeting! They plot your weight and fat % online automatically and show you your BMI. You can get apps for iPhone and Android that do the same. I think they’re a clever idea!

Jack says:
22 March 2011

I have and Egglu -splash back saver.
i ve been using it for a week now and it s still clean and I can s—t in pice.
no splash back.

Vinnie says:
22 March 2011

I brought one from the show and as funny as it was to buy it actually works. No splash back or noise. You really do **** in peace. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Now, I didn’t actually understand that the Egglu was for stopping the plop. I thought it was for men who suffered from splash-back when peeing – I was going to suggest to Hazel that there needed to be a man’s perspective on this! But I stand corrected. For stopping the plop, I find a few sheets of toilet paper can act as a cushion… anyway, to much information!

How about the German inspired device that asks men if they would prefer to sit down when they lift the seat – thus avoiding the splash-back phenomenon?

Apparently they are very popular in the bible belt of the US as well – I believe it was a place called Stepford.

Anthony Wood says:
23 March 2011

As an 83 yr old prostate sufferer splash back is not so much a worry as directional variation. Is there a gadget?

The weirdest ‘gadget’ that I actually find useful is a magnet wire manager – you use it to wind your headphone wires around and then stick to your top. It’s good for the gym, but some people think it’s some kind of weird fashion broach: http://crave.cnet.co.uk/gadgets/magneat-wire-manager-review-the-end-of-tangled-headphones-49305259/

Mimi says:
23 March 2011

I have one of the Egglu balls. It definitely makes a difference and I hope it will stop certain people in my home filling the loo with TP NOTHING sticks by the way, I’m a hygiene freak so made sure of that one!
As for the tweeting scales…I reckon it would take a brave woman to use those.
Breathable vitamins? Can’t see that one taking off. Though it could be a good investment for secret santa pressies!

Laura says:
28 March 2011

Hello Which. I am a mother of two and I invested in an egglu ball at the ideal home show with doubt in mind. Brought it home and put it into the toilet and waited for the moment of use. To my surprise it works. It was also a good training for children potty training. Well done to the inventor.

Kate says:
28 March 2011

My son hates splash back and hates using the toilet. Fed up of him blocking the toilet with tisue. How do I get one of these egglu balls???????????????

Hi Kate, sorry to hear about your… problem. You can find out more about the egglu and how to buy it here: http://www.egglu.co.uk/ Thanks.

Damien says:
29 March 2011

This one is for Gavin. If you had done your research you would know that the egglu is made from a none stick plastic so nothing can stick to it. It is self cleaning.
Damien Wynter

Gavin Mitchell says:
5 April 2011

I did have a look at the Egglu website, and it tells you almost nothing about the product (though curiously it does go into great detail about making toilet paper rafts), so research didn’t help on that one, Damien.

I’m also pretty dubious about all these people suddenly crawling out of the woodwork to praise such a bizarre, obscure product. *cough* sock puppets *cough*