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Your view: your biggest broadband and phone complaints

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This week, we’re discussing the biggest complaints you’ve got about your broadband, mobile and phone providers. Has your provider turned a bad experience into a good one?

After we revealed Britain’s top five biggest broadband and phone complaints, you shared your experiences – good and bad – with us.

Irene Bunce hasn’t had much luck with her broadband:

‘BT Infinity is rubbish at times. I can not get on the internet and it’s slow. As soon as the 18 months is up I will change.’

Linda had a bad experience with Plusnet:

‘I moved from Plusnet Value to Plusnet fibre. I found their customer service on par with Carphone Warehouse – i.e. rubbish. Not what I had come to expect from Plusnet. I had to purchase an additional piece of equipment to be able to operate my systems. Will be changing as soon as my contract period is up because of how they treated me.’

Taking the rough with the smooth

Some people had mixed experiences with their suppliers, like David:

‘The main problem I have with Virgin Media is the video buffering. Website videos like YouTube, BBC iPlayer etc always have trouble loading, but everything else is otherwise very fast.’

Christhompson would like to see his prices go down a bit:

‘I have been with Virgin Media for years and overall I find they are OK, but not that cheap. In the past, getting through to complain has been a slow process but waiting times seem to have greatly reduced and the quality of customer service has also improved.

‘I think that more competition from BT may have caused this to improve as we now have a real choice of service. My service dropped for three days recently and Virgin offered a reduction on my subscription for that period and called me once the problem had been rectified.’

Turning problems around

Some commenters turned a bad experience into a positive one by switching to new providers, including Rosemary:

‘At this very moment, I have a BT engineer changing our system so we can move from Virgin Media to Plusnet. This is on the advice of relatives who say we can halve our monthly Virgin bill, which is very expensive.’

Trilly is also having better luck after switching:

‘I received the Which? Broadband survey and put down I was happy with Virgin Media. Two hours later, I opened a letter advising my monthly premium had gone up by nearly £7-a-month. In the contract it says you have 30 days to cancel if Virgin increase the price, which I did. Phone, broadband and TV and went to BT. We already had a BT phone line and I am saving a minimum of £30 a month from what we paid Virgin.’

Alan tried a less well-known supplier and came up trumps:

‘It’s not right at all that they put prices up mid contract. However, Im glad my broadband contract was up because I was having a terrible time with Sky Broadband. Speeds were slow. It kept dropping out and no amount of call outs seem to fix it.

‘There was no Virgin Media in my postcode so I decide to try Yoursuresave broadband. I called them up on 11 January and it was installed a couple of days ago. So far, everything is great. My son is overjoyed with his Xbox connection.’

We agree that prices shouldn’t be raised mid-contract, which is why we launched our Fixed Means Fixed campaign last year. Congratulations Alan – you’re this week’s Comment of the Week and will be featured on the Which? Convo homepage!

Have you suffered many problems with your mobile, phone and broadband provider? Have you managed to solve the problem by switching?

Roger Avon says:
1 February 2013

Hate the inability (or is it unwillingness) of providers (especially BT) to answer direct questions with proper answers


I hate TalkTalk.

richard says:
5 February 2013

I really like Virgin Media – Very reliable and consistent – excellent fast help line with knowledgeable engineers speaking English – On the two times the system failed in something like 20 years (I was the first in my area to sign up when the cable was laid (as Cable and Wireless) it was repaired the next day . In comparison to BT it is brilliant. BT was completely and utterly unreliable and completely rubbish – It was so bad many Bulletin Boards (Before the Internet) refused to allow me to connect as the poor connections put THEM off air – not to mention billing mistakes like charging me for reverse charge charges – I would never ever use BT again.

Annie says:
9 February 2013

Am so disappointed with Pluset. My experience of registering with them recently on behalf of an elderly relative has not been a good one. I was given incorrect information to begin with and since then have had to constanrly chase them up. There appears to be a lack of communication between departments and no hurry to progress things once you’ve signed up and made the initial payments. For an elderly person with only a mobile phone at the moment, to have to deal with this would have been impossible. I’ve spent ages on the phone answering the same questions and we are still waiting for the phone to be connected. One very unhappy custemer!


Plusnet seemed to have been better a few years ago. The call wait one night last week was 45 mins at 9.00pm. I had a disagreement with them. I had stated that I was moving house, and needed phone and broadband at the new address. They informed me that fibre was not available at the location as the BT box had insufficient cabling which may be resolved shortly. Fair enough. They offered me a slow broadband + phone contract – line only which I accepted without question. I then found my call charges shooting up. I had originally been on free evening and weekends. This had gone with the new line only contract. I did not ask for it to be removed, nor do I recall them specifically telling me it would be removed – I would have objected. Evenings and weekend had previously cost £17.99 monthly (+ fibre charge) and was apparently replaced by a new charge of £18.99 for line only + a separate broadband charge. Plusnet insisted that line only was explanation enough. You must not only read their statements, but interpret them or read between the lines. When questioned, they admitted that If I had stayed at the old address, my contract would have been unchanged. They have now offered certain changes which appear to improve matters. However, I still object to what I perceive as subterfuge. Your elderly relative is fortunate to have you to intercede on their behalf. I can no longer recommend them. The words Caveat Emptor come to mind.


Hello Dyfnwal -several points here all ISP,s now use the “bundle system which is just an advertising slogan for various combined services supplied by them . Yes you MUST read the small print as by making a phone call and accepting conditions is now a contract in legal terms . As regards Plusnet telling you BT “have no spare fibre lines ” might be true as they install fibre on a basis of local cabinet service area customer cover -less customers-less fibre cable BUT that is open to change and Plusnet are doing you a big disservice. I am with BT and I know for a fact , as that is how I upgraded , that BT will notify you when new fibre is being installed at the cabinet PLUS – you can get notified if a local customer moves out of the area who had fibre allowing you , if you are at the head of the queue then you get notified . I got in first in my area cabinet but those that were too late in applying lost out , but BT told them to ASK to get notified when new fibre cables were put in and yes , new cables were put in . Unlimited broadband+ line only is presently on the Plusnet website is £22.50/month . Your main problem is you have to go through Plusnet to keep the pressure on them to notify you if a fibre line is available . I cant log into your Plusnet but I can to BT forums /etc but to answer your question get info at : https://community.bt.com/t5/BT-Infinity-Speed-Connection/Got-fibre-in-my-area-but-cabinet-is-full/td-p/1251577 BT get torn to death on Which,s website but there are reasons I stay with them .


Hi Jennifer. I’m so glad I won comment of the week. 🙂

My advice to anyone who is unhappy would be to switch to a new provider if you possibly can because things won’t change unless you make them.

It’s far less stress switching suppliers than it is putting up with the same terrible connection for ages.


David Braddick says:
5 March 2013

In February I decided to save some money by switching from BT Infinity to Sky’s equivalent. At first all went well and a switchover date of 15 feb was established. However thing soon started to go wrong, and they having told BT to sever my service on feb 14th Sky then delayed my order, thus denying me a broadband service. I was so annoyed with them that I cancelled my order with them and told them I was reverting to BT. I duly order a reconnection with BT and was given a commencement date of March 5, I.e. today. This morning I was told the start up had been put back to March 15 th, both companies blaming the other for this.

Conclusion, you cannot get a cigarette paper between them, they both are totally inept, neither is capable of delivering what they promise, maybe I should give Virgin a try!