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Your view: no more nuisance calls

Calling Time on Nuisance Calls and Texts phone

In March we set a 12-week deadline for the regulators to crack down on nuisance calls and texts. Time’s up! We’re now calling on the government to take action. Here are some of your latest nuisance call comments.

Our research found that 85% of people are bombarded by unsolicited calls, proving that the current system is failing. On average people received seven nuisance calls last month, with one in ten getting a whopping 50 unsolicited calls!

Which? Convo commenter Glynnis recently had seven calls in one day:

‘Today I have had no fewer than seven unsolicited telephone calls, presumably from the same company, purportedly an unavailable international number. My answering machine has been very busy. I am absolutely fed up with this invasion of my privacy.’

Alfa was interrupted by an infamous personal injury call (one of the most common unsolicited call, as you can see in our graph):

Most common nuisance calls

‘Had a call a couple of days ago. The guy said he had a file in front of him with the details of my accident. Wouldn’t tell me the details and put the phone down on me after I got shirty. Blatant lie as the only accident I have had was a no-fault knock over 20 years ago!!’

Trouble with the TPS

Russell is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) but, like many, is still affected:

‘I get an average of three a day, despite being TPS registered. I’ve stopped being even vaguely polite. My normal line is “why are you ringing this number? I don’t accept calls of this nature. Don’t ring again”. If I am calmer, I’ll keep answering every question in the wrong way, which can be amusing. These calls really must stop.’

Our survey found that 57% of those registered with the TPS are not satisfied with the service. This isn’t surprising when we found that, on average, registered people received 10 unsolicited calls in the last month – compared to five calls by those not signed up.

Calling Time on Nuisance Calls and Texts tour

We’ve also been touring the country with our Calling Time on Nuisance Calls and Texts campaign. We’ve found thousands of people who are fed up, and were only too happy to share their frustrations in our video:

Finally, Which? Convo commenter Mark explains why he’s fed up with nuisance calls:

‘I’m sick of getting calls every day, and so is my very elderly aunt who receives at least two a day and has now STOPPED answering the phone because of this. Myself, my aunt and my mother are ALL on the TPS. We all receive between one to five calls a day.

‘My elderly aunt has stopped answering the phone in the afternoons and evenings now and this causes us concern as we’re never sure if she’s OK. It really is making having a phone a misery. Something has to be done, I cannot believe the government allows this to continue.’

It’s clear everyone’s sick and tired of being bombarded by nuisance calls and texts. We want the government to step in and we need your help to make them listen. We’ve already had more than 60,000 pledges of support – join them in calling time on nuisance calls and texts.

wev says:
17 June 2013

Patrick, can’t Which include stuff about the trade in personal information that I mentioned in the Nuisance Calls conversation, into the campaign and Private Members Bill?

That’s how they get our phone number in the first place.


Hi Wev, you’re exactly right – that’s a very important part of what we’re working on. Here’s one of our Asks:

We want the government to introduce:

An expiry date when a person consents to being contacted by ‘selected third parties’.
An obligation on businesses to prove to the ICO that a person gave consent.

The Private Members Bill we want taking forward calls for a clear expiry date on consent to third party marketing and gives greater powers to regulators to punish rule breakers.:



Why can’t cold-calling be made illegal full-stop? It causes distress and misery to so many people, especially the elderly. It is an unwanted infringement on your life that you should not have to put up with.

So please, no half-hearted measures that these companies will find a way around.

wev says:
19 June 2013

Patrick, there’s nothing in the Bill about chaining. Some third party companies pass on the personal details they receive to other companies.

There’s also nothing about the sale of the public electoral register by local councils. That practice should stop.

And there’s nothing about the collection of internet behaviour information for online behavioural advertising, and which also gets sold on to other companies along with personal contact details.


It is possible to avoid having one’s entry on the electoral register being passed on by ticking the apprpriate box on the form that is sent out regularly.

wev says:
26 June 2013

Patrick, is there anything in the bill about market research calls and survey calls?


Wev – I keep saying that market research calls are nuisance calls and should be made ‘opt-in’. The fact that market research is used as a front for marketing calls just makes the problem worse.

wev says:
26 June 2013

I agree, but does Which?


Hi Wev, no we’re not calling for any changes to the rules on legitimate market research calls. However, any calls that are carrying out sales under the guise of market research are not-legitimate and would be classed as marketing calls – these are on the agenda.