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Your comments this week – tech breaks and breakfasts

Talking cups

From holiday gadgets to simple childhood nostalgia, you’ve been involved in some heated debates this week. The hot topics included the future of gift vouchers and road funding solutions.

Five star hotel breakfast

Our latest survey ranked top hotel chains by breakfast quality. Bunny had a recent Travelodge experience that matched the results:

‘I’ve just come back from Travelodge, Cardiff and I agree, the breakfast certainly wasn’t worth what I paid for it. It was good that it was all you could eat, but I didn’t really want to go back for seconds. The only good thing about the cooked breakfast were the sausages.’

Some hotel breakfasts don’t live up to the standards we expect, as John Ward found:

‘I think I’ve had every grade of hotel breakfast from the sublime to the inedible and the quality is often not matched to the star rating of the establishment. It seems that to me that the grading inspectors do not place enough emphasis on the quality or value-for-money of the breakfast in making their overall assessments.’

Debt advice: you can get something for nothing

William had his own theory about why people don’t know free debt advice is available:

‘I assume the reason is that those offering free plans aren’t advertising on TV. I’ve seen several adverts offering debt services, but even though they have free phone numbers I’ve always assumed there’s a fee involved.’

How will you be trimming your tache this Movember?

Sophie Gilbert won’t be growing a tache this year, but she did share this little ditty:

‘The French, (one of) the world’s arch-romantics, like to say, “un baiser sans moustache est comme une soupe sans sel”. A kiss without a moustache is like soup without salt.’

Are you ready to take a break from technology?

Nfh is happy to mix tech and leisure time when he’s travelling:

‘When I’m on holiday, I carry on using my iPhone and laptop as usual. I always get local SIM cards so I pay the same as a local to use my iPhone. If I was without technology, it would spoil my holiday.’

Conversely, Phil feels that holidays should be a time to switch off:

‘My laptop never comes on holiday with me and I usually have the mobile switched off. If you’re going to spend your holiday with your head stuck into your laptop why bother going away at all? I’d much rather give my full attention to the surroundings and to my partner.’

An all-singing, all-dancing toy vs a cardboard box

JJMMWGDuPee is not entirely convinced about cardboard box-related Christmas nostalgia:

‘This is something that I’ve heard so often through the years that there has to be some truth in it, yet, whilst I did indeed used to play with boxes, I have absolutely no memory of receiving Christmas presents and then playing with the boxes.’

Richard has very clear memories of combining boxes with imagination, however:

‘I certainly enjoyed playing with boxes – so did my children. My father actually built a very large cardboard castle complete with drawbridge to contain a set of cavalry. The castle was used for several years – well after the cavalry were lost or broken. It was so many things – not just a “castle”’

Would you put the brakes on more road tolls?

Nick Davies feels that extra road tolls could help, but only if implemented correctly:

‘The M6 toll doesn’t work because the time saving isn’t worth it for many, though it is a pleasure to drive along. Tolling the M1/M6 all the way to Carlisle would work. If you’re at a loose end, see how far you get driving up the A5 from London before you throw in the towel. Dunstable maybe? Just like in France, paying the toll is a no brainer for a run of any length.’

Should we bother with gift vouchers anymore?

RCurtis2010 had a Christmas shopping nightmare on her hands, but luckily Comet’s administrators started accepting gift vouchers again:

‘I’ve been to Comet at 9am and picked up two retina iPads and paid for them with my gift card! Phew! Thanks to Martyn Saville for letting me know last night they were being accepted again – that’s a weight off my mind and two ecstatic children on Christmas Day!’

Debs, who gets our Comment of the Week, can’t believe that consumers don’t have better protection when companies go under:

‘I think it’s outrageous that big business is pretty much allowed to do as they please and it’s always the consumer that is left high and dry, without a legal leg to stand on. You would think in 2012 protection would come as standard for all of us. Some stores have gone into administration more than once and each time the vouchers and gift cards are the first things that get refused at the checkout.’

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