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Your comments this week – noisy kettles and frozen Kindles

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We’ve had stories of frozen Kindles (with mixed experiences of Amazon’s customer service) and noisy kettles (keeping people up at night) this week. Not forgetting pricey Rolling Stones tickets and EE’s 4G packages.

Annoying noisy kettles

Jonas131415’s kettle doesn’t make his blood boil, but it does make his ears ring:

‘Noise is the main problem for me. My sister once owned a kettle that sounded like a booster rocket. At night the sound of a kettle is especially annoying and I avoid making a drink for fear of disturbing others.’

Yet Kev W doesn’t think it’s an annoyance worth mentioning:

Life must be wonderful if all anyone has to worry about is a noisy kettle! If you have a fast, and therefore high power kettle, then the physics of thermal shock and heating the water quickly will make it noisy!

Are you worried about repossession?

Mum (and not mine I might add) shared her daughter’s story:

‘I would like to see [mortgage prisoners] helped to move to a better interest deal as many of them are only unable to do so because their loan to value % has risen dramatically following the property price crash. My daughter has lost her initial deposit and more since the value of her property has dropped. She is now in a no win situation being unable to move to a cheaper rate and unable to sell as she would still be left with a substantial debt even if she could find a buyer.’

Is 500MB enough mobile data for 4G?

Dazzler doesn’t think EE’s new 4G pricing adds up:

‘Now imagine if EE announced tomorrow that they’d made a mistake and after listening to prospective customers, they have decided to increase the data allowances in line with reality and not some guff about the average user blah blah blah. That would go down in history as a smart move surely.

‘I have a Full Monty unlimited data deal with T-mobile and whilst the signal strength is generally lower, especially indoors, than my previous provider (Voda), I get great satisfaction of using my new iPhone 5 without any worries of how much data I’ve used. It’s liberating but on the same token, I don’t surf and surf for the sake of it. If I could get the same deal on EE for a fiver more, I’d probably sign up on launch day even though I have no idea when my area will even get 4G…’

Blighted by blight – are we to blame for failing potato crops?

Despite a terrible growing season, Peter Killick will continue growing his own potatoes:

‘I grow potatoes regularly on an allotment and this year has been awful thanks to the weather. Yields down by 50% and lots of slug damage plus blight, scab and a noticeable lack of taste. The ‘Rooster’ variety has been the best of a bad bunch. I would still rather eat fewer potatoes that I have grown myself than buy commercial sprayed ones.’

Rolling Stones ticket prices – I can’t get no satisfaction

There weren’t too many kind words for the Rolling Stones after their high ticket prices. Sylvia comments:

‘We as consumers can make an impact on prices by not purchasing and who wants to see a bunch of old men with leathery weathered beaten faces prancing around. In these austere times we must make better use of our funds. Mick and co are certainly not hurting.’

Sophie Gilbert left a cutting, but amusing, remark:

‘At my local museum I can see dinosaurs for free.’

A big week for energy – and the battle continues

Kevin thinks it’s about time a political party did something about energy price rises:

‘These companies will continue to raise prices above inflation every year and increase their advertising budgets to encourage us to switch to them by massive TV advertising. Politicians will all tell of the virtue of switching to find the lowest tariff so we are to blame for not shopping around. We either need to find an effective, alternative domestic generation system to offset these abusive price rises and pressure on our spending power or we will need to support a political party who will do something about it. If there is one!’

Frozen Amazon Kindle screens – reading between the lines

It seems to be the same story for many, with ‘Unhappy Consumer’ sharing his tale of a frozen Kindle. I don’t expect being our Comment of the Week will sweeten the pill too much:

‘Mine was purchased in late June for my birthday in July. The screen froze whilst on holiday in July the following year and when I returned I had noticed the manufacturers 12 month warranty had just expired (some 3 weeks earlier). I called Amazon for advice and was told that they no longer took £50 payment for a replacement, and that I would only be offered 20% discount on a new model – my wife had paid £150 and, as stated in the aforementioned SOGA, I was bitterly disappointed as I expecting such a pricey piece of technology to last beyond 13 months. Frustrated, I am refusing to buy another kindle and am resigned to reading all of my purchased books using my phone and the free kindle app.’

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shepburn says:
25 June 2013

Fallen out of Love with Kindle.

I have had problems with 2 Kindles in less than three years. In both cases the screen has broken, as in it no longer works correctly. The screen image has lines through it, and blank areas that do not resolve by re-setting the device. In both cases the device was not dropped or exposed to water or anything. The first one was replaced as it was within warranty but the second one is out of warranty and so I have been offered a refurbished one for £47.00.

I was told on the phone that the screen being broken was ‘unfortunate’. I asked how long they were expected to last and was told ‘we would hope they would last forever’.

What annoys me is that I am told that being offered a discounted replacement does not affect my consumer rights but I assume I would have to prove the device was ‘faulty’ when purchased. I am now beginning to think that many of these devices do not last very long and therefore are not worth buying.

It’s a shame as I was a big Kindle advocate and now I can no longer tell everyone how great they are.