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Your comments this week – ice creams, burgers and TVs

Telephone and speech bubbles

Would you be sad to see the back of the ice cream van? Did LG’s response to a telly dilemma show a company tuned in to its customers? This, and much more, in your comments of the week.

Pushing all the wrong buttons?

Commenter I-M could sympathise with our Jen and Aniela’s bad experiences of getting a replacement phone:

‘My new phone started to malfunction after a week or so. It was sent off for repair, and I was offered the most basic handset possible as a replacement. As I hadn’t parted with my old phone, I was able to use this instead. When a new phone is faulty, I really do think that it would be reasonable to get a courtesy phone that enables you to continue using what you pay for in your contract.’

Rewarding high energy users sends the wrong message

Our energy campaigner Jenny raised her concerns over lower energy users being penalised. William told us:

‘I like to think I’m a low energy user, my usage comes in at almost half the national average. No only am I penalised in the price per unit I pay, I’m also paying the same standing charge as a high user.’

Graham summed up his views: ‘Lets face it folks, it’s a they win, we lose on this one.’

Ice cream vans driven away due to lack of lolly

Patrick asked if we’ll be saying goodbye to our roving ice cream vans. Phil and Wavechange are pleased to see the back of them. Phil said:

‘Haven’t seen one in ages but they used to drive me round the bend on the estate where I previously lived. During the summer it was constant, as soon as one had gone out of earshot another would turn up, all of them with their “chimes” turned up to full volume. I don’t miss them.’

And Wavechange added:

‘Some years ago an ice cream van parked outside my house and played his chimes – loud and distorted – for several minutes, so the driver was given a copy of the regulations and left me in peace after that. I still see ice cream vans on the main roads but they have given my estate a miss. I had not even realised.’

Test tube to plate – let’s start the lab-grown burger debate

Our guest author this week Dr Neil Stephens asked how you’d be happy about eating lab-grown meat. Par ailleurs said:

‘It all sounds a bit iffy to me. It presumably has some ancient connection to animal cells so wouldn’t be acceptable to vegetarians. The easy way to do this is to eat a lot less of it and enjoy it more.’

LG turns a bad TV story into a (potentially) good one

We were pleased to see LG respond to your concerns over the audio quality of its TVs by offering free repairs. But Tom, who gets our comment of the week, is worried that our expectation of good service has reduced over the years:

‘What this really shows is that expectation of customer service has fallen so far that by doing the ‘‘right thing’’ it is seen as exceptional when in reality it is the least that would be expected.’

Thelm was worried that companies wouldn’t automatically do the best thing by their customers without a bit of intervention:

‘In the case described it took the intervention of Which? to point out and resolve problems – without it your normal punter is probably left out in the cold with spurious explanations and a general feeling of being hoodwinked.’

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