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Your comments this week – gifts, pies & naff TV

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Christmas is a time of giving, and you’ve been very generous with your comments about all things festive this week. Enjoy our selection of your best comments while we get stuck into writing our thank you cards.

Digital gifts at Christmas

We asked you if digital gifts can mean as much as a tangible Christmas present. Davidicus likes to go the extra mile with his gifts:

‘I might give a digital gift as an extra, if it was something that was wanted, but there’s nothing like Christmas wrapping done up with fancy ribbon and a physical card to go with it!’

The Great British Mince Pie Bun Fight

Patricia is an advocate for home-made mince pies:

‘I was brought up on home-made mince pies, although my mum now buys shop ones! However, the tradition has stuck and we always make our own including our own mincemeat.

‘We make a large batch of mincemeat every three years and by the third year the brandy has soaked through and it’s delicious!’

Christmas TV – will you be tuning in or turning off?

Redkite doesn’t think the festive TV schedules are worth celebrating:

‘We always record some programmes during the preceding month to watch over Christmas, as the live programmes are pretty naff. Same old films, etc… So we will be watching some of our recorded stuff.’

What are your family’s Christmas traditions?

Tony Burton shared a particularly tasty Christmas tradition from his family:

‘My grandfather always had pork pie for Christmas breakfast with a little cheese, toast and a drop of rum in his tea. This tradition was continued by my father and now my three grown up children are following the tradition, although they often don’t get up untilmidday. It is essential that it is a traditional Melton Mowbray pork pie, fluted pastry with good jelly and, most importantly, uncured pork. The dash of rum in the tea makes the day special as well.’

Gift cards: the gift that can stop giving

William feels that gift cards have just two options for the future:

‘As I see it there are only a couple of ways forward for personal gift cards/vouchers. 1) Give them 100% protection in the event of a collapse – this will require a law change. 2) Ban them out right.’

How old is too old for Christmas pressies?

Clint Kirk wants everyone in the family to share the Christmas cheer, earning him our Comment of the Week:

‘Honestly, have we become so mean that we resent buying a gift for our own beloved nieces and nephews? It doesn’t have to cost much, just something to show you are thinking of them.’

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