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Is Microsoft being too pushy with Windows 10?

Windows 10 hard sell

Microsoft is keen for you to upgrade to Windows 10, but at what point does this cross the line into pressuring its customers?

I’d challenge you to name which version of iOS or Android your phone is running without checking the specs. When Apple or Google release a software update, it just happens. You tap ‘Yes’, you install it, and you may not notice much change.

Upgrading to Windows 10

Now, take a look at the effect Windows 10 has had. Microsoft is supposedly fighting for relevance in a world that loves touchscreens more than spreadsheets. But when it drops an update like Windows 10, this crusty old brand shows it can still make an impact.

We’ve had thousands of queries from our readers about whether to update their PCs or not. That’s because when Microsoft gets it wrong (which it can – see Vista or 8!), it affects millions of us. We stay in touch via our PCs; we work, we shop, we bank with them. A poor software update can make these everyday things harder to do.

The Windows 10 hard sell

Microsoft is ramping up the pressure on its customers to install Windows 10. One tactic sees Windows 10 being automatically downloaded on to people’s PCs due to a simple change of wording. Microsoft changed the Windows 10 update from ‘optional’ to ‘recommended’, which means it’ll download automatically if you have Windows Update enabled (which most users do).

We’ve explored a number of other tactics in the latest issue of Which? Computing, including locking newer processors to Windows 10 and setting a time limit for the free upgrade (it’s 29 July 2016 in case you’re interested).

There’s lots to like about the new OS, but you should still have a choice over upgrading or not. Windows still matters in the age of tablets, but it will matter to you even more if you end up with a version you don’t like.

Have you felt pressured into upgrading your computer to Windows 10?

MikeW1945 says:
22 March 2016

From my experience, Microsoft is being excessively pushy with Windows 10. I look after several PCs. In each case, the manufacturer has made clear that the PC is not compatible with Windows 10, usually because suitable graphics drivers are not available. Microsoft has pushed Windows 10 to the extent that it has downloaded onto three of the PCs, and has actually installed on one, For the one, not surprisingly, there were serious graphics problems and I had to waste time downgrading to Windows 8.1.

This push has wasted hours of my time and cost money because download caps have been exceeded. There are no Microsoft approved options to reject this upgrade unless you turn off the security updates, risking putting PC security at risk.

I would be happy to use Windows 10 on any PC which supports that operating system, but it is not acceptable to push in such a way that perfectly good computers are messed up. I know that I could search and possibly find new drivers for some of the graphics devices (not all), but I have much better uses for my time!

Microsoft has gone a step too far this time and needs to be pulled back.


Mike- I appreciate your post ,what it shows me is society is so well “ingrained ” into Windows that it is now part of their life ,that you could put in so nice a way about an operating system that controls you .controls. your computer, spies on you 24/7 ,and if you try to stop it by changing the programming ,it changes it back. Decides what IT will allow to be on its system ,blocks you from making changes that allow you a lot of control over it. hides the next step up from user ,but even there has downgraded it to be just a sop to your ego , where if you check in deep permissions there is a large number of controllers who have much more control over your computer . Wont let apps install that can block/change its domineering qualities , “updates ” that blue screen you , block your favourite apps ,block you from the Web and even take over or control your paid for protection system (done secretly ) . Mike- nice as you sound MS OWN your computer not you. And that doesnt take into account that now and more so in the future you will be confined to apps approved by MS and PAYED for including updating the system in the years to come,there is also the official need to “sign in ” if you dont you lose facilities as well as the “app store ” Win 10 is installed on approx 10 % of Windows systems world wide , Win XP ? slightly more and rising THATS why its being forced onto you and millions of others . MS are losing it worldwide its system on all devices worldwide is very small ,its desperate and it shows . ME ? open source only now – I own my PC not the system owning it. BY the way 1 year + 4 months NO windows updates whatsoever on the Win 7 Prof. section which I hardly use now ,just to update the needed security system I paid for because of the multitude of open doors on Windows for access by our and America,s security services who I know personally can take over your computer just like MS can. Thats why you are forced to install protection ,what the NSA/GCHQ can do so can hackers , IF there were NO -“backdoors ” to control Windows you wouldnt need half the updates for security but MS in their “wisdom ” wanted total control over THEIR system ,hence the backdoors.

haroldsheets says:
24 March 2016

I agree we down loaded windows twice and it didn’t work rite. The big problem is they don’t service what they sell or just giveaway. in any case try to ask them a question on the internet and all you get is some one from India or Mexico wanting moneyWINDOWS & microsoft THIS IS YOUR RESPOSIBILITY !Now help before you lose all people trying to use your program!!!!

Peaches says:
24 March 2016

Unfortunately got me it upgraded me automatically it’s a nightmare lost my printer and scanner cannot find f drive to carry out backup

Peter says:
24 March 2016

Me too – had to scrap a perfectly good Canon printer! Naughty Microsoft.

Heidi says:
28 March 2016

Every other time I switch on my laptop I get this damn upgrade message . My partner upgraded to Windows 10 by mistake . He hates it but isn’t computer savvy enough to go back . It is too pushy , I want to stop seeing this ad .


Heldi – I will take one thing at a time . Your partner -how long was it that he mistakingly upgraded to Win !0 ? You have only 30 days to rollback to Win 7/8/8.1 , if it is over that time , you would need to re-install the old system ,IF you have a retail disc to do it NOT an OEM version , because MS takes a note of your motherboard and stops you transferring to another computer otherwise. If your partner,s computer is UNDER 30 days in Win 10 then go to settings> Update+Security and you should see =go back to Windows 7or 8.1 – click the -get started button you will be asked why are you going back ? tick my apps dont work on Win 10 -then click next -then window -what you need to know -tick -next -then window -dont get locked out -tick next. You will still be left with the -your free upgrade popup on reverting back . I will post next on removing that.


Heldi-To stop seeing the ad you need to do a bit of programming to remove the updates on your computer, as I dont know how conversant you are with doing that ,so as I said in a post further down this Convo the easiest way is to download- GWX Control Panel from – ultimateoutsider.com/downloads- click on download installer and follow instructions . Download ONLY from this website NOT C.net.com or others . If you arent able to use it ask somebody who can run it for you . On the other hand if you are used to changing the programming in windows ,let me know and I will supply the full list of KB updates that should be removed from your computer . Under NO circumstances click on the update to win 10 window if you are using Win 7/8.1 . My advice is to stay with the system you have now ,get back to me Heldi and I will guide you ,if required .