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Is Microsoft being too pushy with Windows 10?

Windows 10 hard sell

Microsoft is keen for you to upgrade to Windows 10, but at what point does this cross the line into pressuring its customers?

I’d challenge you to name which version of iOS or Android your phone is running without checking the specs. When Apple or Google release a software update, it just happens. You tap ‘Yes’, you install it, and you may not notice much change.

Upgrading to Windows 10

Now, take a look at the effect Windows 10 has had. Microsoft is supposedly fighting for relevance in a world that loves touchscreens more than spreadsheets. But when it drops an update like Windows 10, this crusty old brand shows it can still make an impact.

We’ve had thousands of queries from our readers about whether to update their PCs or not. That’s because when Microsoft gets it wrong (which it can – see Vista or 8!), it affects millions of us. We stay in touch via our PCs; we work, we shop, we bank with them. A poor software update can make these everyday things harder to do.

The Windows 10 hard sell

Microsoft is ramping up the pressure on its customers to install Windows 10. One tactic sees Windows 10 being automatically downloaded on to people’s PCs due to a simple change of wording. Microsoft changed the Windows 10 update from ‘optional’ to ‘recommended’, which means it’ll download automatically if you have Windows Update enabled (which most users do).

We’ve explored a number of other tactics in the latest issue of Which? Computing, including locking newer processors to Windows 10 and setting a time limit for the free upgrade (it’s 29 July 2016 in case you’re interested).

There’s lots to like about the new OS, but you should still have a choice over upgrading or not. Windows still matters in the age of tablets, but it will matter to you even more if you end up with a version you don’t like.

Have you felt pressured into upgrading your computer to Windows 10?


Hi, we’ve just published a new guide to help ensure Windows 10 doesn’t install against your will: http://blogs.which.co.uk/technology/laptops-2/has-windows-10-installed-itself-without-asking-you/


I followed your instructions and deleted the update. This meant re-starting the computer and a five minute windows update. Having found this update now in the “important” section of updates, I hid it, as instructed, only to find it re-ticked when I checked back on updates available. I’ve told my computer not to download updates without permission. I wonder if this will be something else that is ignored?


Ps. Windows knows I’ve done this. They immediately flashed up a pop up telling me to update before July 29th. Different wording this time to the usual “we recommend.”


VynorHill -if you dont mind me telling you rather than Patrick do as follows– Using Group Policy Editor – Press WIN+R keys to launch RUN box type=gpedit.msc -press Enter go to Computer Configuration >Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Store. In RHS pane double-click on= Turn off the offer to update to the latest version of windows option and set its value to Enabled —Thats it. Hope this helps others with the same problem . Get back if gpedit is NOT on your computer as there is another way.


For the record I dont get any of this win 10 update rubbish as I have blocked my old Win 7 on dual boot from updating . They obviously dont like it and have tried attacking my programmes I have installed but I just kept on blocking things like remote control of computer ,there are several types on windows it stops then sneaking it in . You can make a new user if they cause you trouble and set different rules .


Needed a new laptop, and chose a quad core Intel i7 from HP which should be s*** off a shovel.

Not only is it seemingly slower overall than my old i5, but has continuing graphics driver problems.

HP say m/c won’t support W7 which I would have preferred, so may need to invoke ‘not fit for purpose’ to return it for something else???



Sorry to hear about your laptop problems.

At the bottom end of the i7 range, there seem to be some i7 CPUs that are slower than some of the i5’s. In car terms, expecting all i7’s to be faster than all i5’s is a bit like expecting all Renaults to be faster than all Citroens, even when they are both stuck in the same traffic jam.

Also, one of the problems with running “bleeding edge” hardware and software is that such things may not be fully debugged when first released for sale.

I note also that PC sales droids (and PC enthusiasts) love to “quote the numbers” and then “upsell” home buyers into buying much more capable machines than they actually need. Although some home applications, like 3D gaming, can really push PCs to the limit my personal experience has been that most home apps run fine on adequate middle of the road hardware.

W10 is supposed to be faster than W7; nonetheless one might expect that OSX (i.e. “unix”) and Linux systems can be faster still. Hence, if speed is important to you, you may want to “re-purpose” your i7 with a genuine upgrade to a faster OS.


Hi Bromley61a- Your right an i7 should be faster I have an old i7 in my PC ans its fast. Its intriguing HP say your laptop wont support W7 , I take that as meaning HP,s motherboard has blocked installation of it. But it is the case that once you upgrade a Win 10 system you have a limited time to revert back to Win 7 but yours is new so this wont apply so MS take note of your motherboard number and block you changing the system to an earlier one . Its possible to build on yourself and find a Win 7 retail disc and install that . Win 10 comes with a lot of useless apps installed that slow down your computer if you go to system settings and >apps&features and uninstall as many as you dont use like MS News /weather -get office /etc there is also another type of app -Windows store -go to > windows Settings apps >Apps & Features page .There is also Startup seen via TAsk Manager click on >startup some an be disabled like adobe creative cloud and so forth which load your computer and run in the background you can disable these also you can use Disk cleanup for (C:) cleanup system files . If you are capable , right click >start menu then >control Panel search for Performance >click on adjust appearance + Performance >open advanced tab and click >change then >uncheck Automatic then click on >drive system is installed on select custom size then > set initial and maximum size to recommended value by windows ( should be shown value ) then > click set and then restart. . Need any help get back . If I thought you had some programming knowledge (correct me here as I dont know your level ) then you could install LInux on dual-boot and your laptop speed would increase to Formula 1 . Please get back to me for help in any way. –Should add ,if you go to HP,s website they will tell you how to upgrade your video drivers.

selims says:
1 May 2016

I’m aged, with minimal understanding of computers. BUT I’m dependent on my 6 year old Dell laptop, for shopping, browsing, e-mails and letter-writing. I struggle to adjust to new processes, spending as much time figuring how to do stuff as doing it, having no easy access to support. Now I’m intimidated by Microsoft/Windows 10! Firstly their bullying to update from 7; I’d be like my friend , so deskilled by the change she’s given up e-mailing and other tasks she was accustomed to, barely using her computer now. Then I was worried by the Microsoft’s multiple ‘updates’, taking 30 – 45 minutes daily, for several weeks. I feared they were imposing Windows 10 by stealth – I signed up for an option. My lap-top became slower and slower until virtually paralysed and crashing frequently – I was loath to use it. Yesterday I employed expertise, who spent an hour deleting superfluous programmes. He explained my machine was not built to operate with the quantity of data microsoft takes up, hence its deterioration. He deleted a lot of stuff, my laptop is useable, but he warned me it will soon be overburdened again! I could buy a new laptop with more memory, but that doesn’t solve the problem – I would be unable to master all the new processes, and give up, with all the consequences of growing more out of touch, isolated and lonely. I’ve browsed alternatives but they all require a degree of tech knowhow beyond my capacity. Microsoft has a lot to answer for!

It’s amazing they can be so destructive without being held to account.