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Will you buy a 3D TV?

Woman wearing 3D glasses and eating popcorn

We’ve all been ogling 3D movies at the cinema. Avatar broke box-office records, but it looks like consumers are happier to spend a tenner on the 3D experience than shell out a grand for it in their living room.

What percentage of us Brits would buy a 3D TV? 25%? 10%? How about trying 2% for size? Of the 4,199 UK shoppers YouGov asked, only 89 said they’d consider buying a 3D-ready telly within the next year.

That’s not quite the number TV manufacturers want to hear after already jumping head-first into 3D technology. Our very own Mike Briggs has already argued that 3D TV will fall flat on its face, and with stats like these he may be proved right.

When we drill down into the demographics, it’s not even looking promising among the techy 25 to 34 year olds – only 5% of them would be likely to buy a 3D TV by the summer of 2011. Only 1% of those aged over 44 would even consider it.

3D TVs still young and expensive

Perhaps it’s no wonder really. The format is still in its infancy, with there only being around five 3D Blu-ray films on the market (the real ones, not those crummy red and blue ones we’ve had since the 70s). Plus, Sky’s 3D channel has only just stepped onto the boardwalk.

Of course, 3D TVs are still downright expensive for what they are and with our economy being in the state it is, who’s going to cough up a grand for a telly without content to watch on it? Most of them won’t even buy an HD TV any (if they haven’t got one) let alone a 3D TV this year, despite everyone and their granny already having one.

There’s no reason why 3D TVs need to be priced out of most people’s pockets – and soon they’ll be in the same price bracket as the ‘traditional’ HD TV. In fact, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a flatscreen TV that isn’t 3D-ready in a couple of years.

Would I buy one in the next 12 months? Hell no. But then, would you buy a breadmaker if there was a flour shortage?

When will you buy a 3D TV?

You mad? I won't (51%, 319 Votes)

Within the next five years (27%, 171 Votes)

Within the next 12 months (12%, 72 Votes)

Within the next two years (10%, 61 Votes)

Total Voters: 623

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KingNintendoFanboy says:
27 August 2010

Maybe I’d consider buying a 3d tv if it were less expensive and my current glasses could somehow instantly turn into 3d tv viewing glasses at the push of a button.


I see no point at all in a 3D TV. Until it’s proper 3D and not just pop-up book 3D I’m not interested in the slightest.

Mitch says:
27 August 2010

The majority of those people probably haven’t tried true Stereo-3D (not conversion or anaglyph).

Many people are poorly informed about 3D and there are a lot of widely accepted myths.

And anyway, in 5 years time when some people may want to upgrade to a newer, decent HDTV it’ll be 3D capable because the tech is so cheap for manufacturers to implement into TV displays; 3D tech in TV, disregarding the emitter, is simply a natural progression of 2D specs, the high prices now are them simply riding the wave of the 3D branding, prices will drop dramatically and displays will be 3D capable regardless of what happens, it will become a complimentary option you can turn on in any decent HD set; it’s unavoidable.


I tend to agree with your vision of 3D TV…it will simply become part and parcel of flatscreen TVs.

Bawheidbob says:
27 August 2010

I am planning to get one next year as my Birthday present to myself – That being said i aint spending over a grand.


I will only buy a 3D TV when and if my current TV goes on the blink – if it is incorporated into the TV without extra cost – Mainly because I only watch a tenth or less of the channels I have already – most of the few I do watch are rubbish.

I tend to watch programmes not effects.

xino says:
27 August 2010

people can bash 3D TV all they want, because it will not fail!
And it will be accepted around 2012!

Matilda says:
27 August 2010

I have been waiting for this for ages. I’m old enough to remember the 1950’s matinees when Kevin the manager used to hand out the special glasses on a Saturday morning. True, he had to wipe off the excitement of the previous screening but he was very diligent. I’m just glad a part of my past is now my grandchildren’s future.

pickle says:
29 August 2010

what’s the point? 3D just for occasional thrills? Ay great cost? You must be mad!!