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Will Sony’s VAT-back offer make you buy a new TV?

Sir Derek Jacobi as Scrooge in Sony ad

Looking to jump into 3D by buying an expensive new TV? Or maybe you want to buy your nearest and dearest a laptop? Well Sony’s hoping to grab your attention by giving you VAT back on some of its products.

With vast spending cuts and VAT set to rise to 20% next year, most of us are feeling slightly stingy. So this Christmas (yes, I’m writing about it in October again) we might be buying chocolates instead of cameras and novelty mugs rather than sparkling new tellies.

But Sony UK wants to change that with an offer to give tax-back on all of its products. Scratch that – most of its products. Although the company gives the impression that it’ll be offering tax back on all its products, I’ve been sent a list that has one obvious exclusion.

PlayStations aren’t in the bag, so gaming will be taxed this year. Plus not all product models are included – for example only some E, S and M series Vaio laptops will give you cash back.

That’s a tad confusing. Especially when the company is employing one of its most expensive ad campaigns to push VAT back on ‘Sony products’. I’d suggest you check in store before parting with your cash.

Big ad campaign to grab your attention

In the run-up to the fast-approaching wintery holiday, the electronics company will launch the following multimillion pound ad campaign, starring Sir Derek Jacobi as Ebenezer Scrooge, during The X Factor this weekend.

Sure, the ad is a little bit cheesy – but this deal could strike it hot with consumers. For a Sony Bravia 3D TV you could expect around £270 back, on a camcorder you could get over £100 and for a Sony Vaio S Series as much as £200 back.

Are you tempted by tax back offers?

So would VAT back on TVs, laptops and digital cameras make you splash the cash before the New Year?

The offer is available from tomorrow and will run until Christmas Eve. You’ll have until January 31st to claim the VAT back from Sony (yes, you’ll have to pay the full price in store).

It’s the first company to start battling for your hard-earned pennies this year and it would be good to see others jump on board. Especially if all of their products are actually included.


The short answer is ‘No’.
One either needs, and can afford, new equipment or one does not.
My worry is that this will encourage people to buy what they don’t need and spend what they can’t afford.

plmko says:
27 October 2010

Errr…..isn’t that the case with every single marketing campaign or sale, to persuade people to part with the cash

Well done perhaps you should become Sony’s next chief marketing officer.

Darren says:
27 October 2010

In my opinion it’s a good move. Sony products are always a bit overpriced, so they have more room to cut prices. Anything that gets buyers looking at their products more closely will help drive sales.

I’m off to look at their 3D TVs now, you have to when they’re giving £270 off.

PS. Sony would be out of business if people only bought what they needed. 3D TV is a really good example of something nobody needs 🙂

John R says:
28 October 2010

Its a good offer by Sony.

However Comet have raised their price on Micro System CMTMX750Ni fromm £229.99 yesterday to £329.99 today – so no saving there then!!

No doubt they have raised prices on many other Sony Items as well, so watch out,you may not be getting the bargain you thought you were.

Rishi P says:
28 October 2010

Not a bad idea form Sony. Comet’s deals definitely look interesting: http://www.comet.co.uk/shopcomet/advice/1103/Sony-Vat

johnr says:
28 October 2010


Do you work for Comet?

Their prices have risen today, an item I was looking at has gone up by £100.00 since yesterday.

Sony did not make this offer for greedy people like Comet to up their prices like this.

I would advise shoppers to give Comet a miss, look at John Lewis instead.

BuyDigital.tv says:
30 October 2010

Sony are actually the 2nd big TV manufacturer to run such a promotion. Sansung beat them to it with their promotion that concludes on the 31st of Oct. Through this you get up to £200 back on their ‘UE’ range of TVs.

johnr says:
31 October 2010

May I suggest to anyone looking for Sony products that they have a look at John Lewis on line.

My earlier post regarding Micro System CMTMX750Ni which Comet are selling at £329.99-less vat back = approx £280.00
–John Lewis £229.99 less vat back approx = £195.00

I have bought this from John lewis -great Service and a great price – dont be ripped off by the likes of Comet,Currys etc., – shop around

If it had applied to the Vaio laptop I was interested in, the vat offer would have swung it. As it is, I’m cross that it doesn’t apply, so am about to order a ThinkPad.

It’s a bit like Audi offering free satnav on specific A6 models a few years ago. They didn’t offer it on the model I wanted, so I felt miffed and bought a 5-series!

Stephen Rooke says:
11 November 2010

I called into my local comet store today to purchase a cooker i had been looking at earlier in the week only to find that the price had gone up i decided to have another look on the internet and found the same cooker £80 cheaper at argos.