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Why won’t fanboys lay off Windows Phone 7?

Samsung Omnia 7

When you buy a shiny new gadget and whip it out in the pub, what do you expect to hear? Oohs and aahs right? Well, if you buy a Windows Phone 7, you might get a much less desirable response.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 (WP7) has become the latest victim – rather unfairly in my opinion – of the infamous “fanboy”.

I keep seeing sensible, fair-minded people, completely consumed by fanboyism – the irrational love for one brand, coupled with the complete hatred for any competitor based on nothing but the logo on the casing.

These techno-zealots have chosen their team and they’ll defend it with an enthusiasm more commonly found on football stands than in electronics stores. It’s a fervour only overshadowed by the animosity they show for any competitor that dares to sell a similar product.

Apple and Android fanboys gang up

In the case of WP7, Android addicts and Apple aficionados have joined forces to pour vitriol over the new entrant, solely because it’s made by Microsoft.

I have been astounded by the anger and derision aimed at both the operating system and people guilty of nothing more than casually saying they were interested in buying a phone running it. Heaven help you if you’ve actually bought one.

I understand Microsoft doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to mobile phones – and try as it might it will never be a ‘cool’ company – but does WP7 really deserve all this hate?

We recently gave the Samsung Omnia 7 a Which? Mobile Best Buy, the first WP7 phone to achieve this. Isn’t this proof that Microsoft’s offering can mix with the best and be a top operating system?

WP7 is slick and easy to use, yet you’re likely to get the same reaction from your friends as you would if you were buying a Skoda in the ‘80s. Isn’t it time we gave Windows Phone 7 a chance?

Chris Rainey says:
23 March 2011

I bought a Windows Phone 7 myself and it’s a great phone, i’m defintely not a MS fanboy as I have an xbox but never use it and actualy prefer Sonys PS3 in all honesty. No, the reasons I bought a WP7 was simply because when I went phone shopping I saw it on display beside the Iphone and thought, “gosh the Iphone” looks so old now”, to me it was an easy choice. May I also add that I had my mind set on buying a Iphone when I went shopping for a phone.

zag says:
23 March 2011

Well a few of us had the poor excuse for a phone that was windows mobile 6, it will take a long time for me to every trust Microsoft again after that disaster. I still remember trying to click the tiny start menu with my stylus only for the battery to die while doing it 😉

Good point zag – I think Microsoft have a lot of trust to build up. It doesn’t help that Microsoft has been slow to update the phone since its launch.

Hear, hear.
I had a Microsoft based HTC.

It didn’t just put me off HTC in general but Microsoft firmly.

Now there’s some marketing feedback 😉

Andy says:
24 March 2011

A very knowledgable article by a supporter of Windows Phone 7 outlining how Microsoft can turn things around :

Personally, I see Windows as this unavoidable background to a working day, along with all its aggravations of crashes and slow start-ups. The idea of wanting to carry that around in my pocket on top of that just seems so…depressing.

The first time I picked up a Windows phone to try out, I saw the familiar Internet Explorer icon, and that was enough to put me off forever!

I have use the HTC 7 Pro with Windows Phone 7. The things it does it does well – in particular if you are an Outlook user and want to view PPT, Word or Excel attachments on the go. The MS guys have done a good job on Windows Phone 7 and it has great promise to get better. Just because it comes from MS it should not get slammed.