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The Convo top ten – lucky seven

Three number sevens on slot machine

It’s been a week dominated by tech stories here at Which? Convo, with our ISP emails discussion really taking off. But there’s plenty more to get you going, from tax on junk food to better bras. Never a dull moment, eh?

Tests show many Blu-rays no better than DVD quality

What’s your experience with Blu-rays? Our TV expert Mike Briggs has revealed research that shows that some HD movies aren’t what they’re all cracked up to be. Do you agree?

Embrace technological advances, don’t pick holes in them

What is it with tech journalists who are so eager to find fault with new developments in technology, asks Ben Stevens. Dave Darwent backs Ben up, saying, ‘if the product really is a technological advance, then let’s all welcome it with open arms and celebrate the development’.

Can British Gas justify price increases?

How did you feel when you heard British Gas was increasing prices by 7%? Most of you agreed it was unfair and argued that wholesale prices haven’t risen that much. ‘It’s time they realized that the public at large aren’t as stupid as they seem to think,’ fumes Marjie C.

ISP email addresses stop us from switching

By far our most popular Conversation this week, we ask what you use as your main email account. So far, web-based emails are winning, with 43% of you voting for this in our poll. At least these people won’t get left email-less when they want to switch broadband provider.

Don’t blame the young for getting into debt

Citizens Advice says that 700,000 young people contacted the charity for help last year, but Laura Starkey insists it isn’t their fault. So far your responses have been varied, with Gareth stating, ‘how money management isn’t already part of the national curriculum is beyond me’.

Would taxing junk food make us healthier?

This was the topic of discussion on this week’s Panorama, but we suggest that reducing the price of healthy options may be better. Past Sell By wasn’t so sure, ‘Yes, price is important, but perhaps the idea that some foods are ‘good’ and some are therefore ‘bad’ is the most dangerous issue.’

Passengers paying to keep local airports alive

News that Durham Tees Valley airport introduced a mandatory £6 charge for all adults passing through security hit the headlines this week. But is this so bad, asks Jonathan Mitcham, when it’s helping to keep our local airports alive?

Will bra retailers finally measure up?

Scientists and retailers have set up the Bra Retailers Association on the back of our findings – enter many a bra pun. We started the ball rolling, and then our Twitter followers got involved. ‘It’s a service that should support women really well,’ tweeted Bram Weinreder and Beverley retorted with, ‘I thought your article was very “uplifting.” Glad to see there’ll be no more boobs in the measuring stakes.’ Make sure you comment on our article if you can do better!

Are you worried about the death of net neutrality?

Culture minister Ed Vaizey has come out to back a ‘two speed’ internet that’s in opposition to one of the internet’s founding principles, ‘net neutrality’. We’ve already had support to protect it, with Scruff7 saying, ‘a two tier system would be monumentally bad. The internet would end up like every high street in the country, dominated by the same shops and businesses.’

Child car safety compromised for big families

Parents have a real struggle on their hands when trying to fit their kids safely into a ‘family car’. Our motoring editor, Richard Headland, thinks manufacturers could boost sales by making cars that can store more child car seats. Have you struggled to safely fit all your kids in your car?


How much longer do we have to put up with the awful ‘convo’ nick-name for this website? It sounds so juvenile. If you didn’t want want to use the word ‘conversation’ which you chose for the site, why did you select it?

Hello John, thanks for your comment. We’re actually quite fond of our abbreviation to ‘Convo’. Which? Conversation (or Which? Convo) is meant to be a more laid back place for people of all ages and creeds to really get involved and feel comfortable talking and debating with others. So we sometimes want to reflect this in the language we use. Hopefully that makes sense.