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The Convo top ten – bright ideas issue

Bright light bulb hovering above a hand

We’re full of bright ideas this week. Kid-free areas on planes, a new computer operating system and the growth of e-book lending have all been on the agenda. Would you like to see any become reality?

Are you nostalgic for XP?

Rene Lopez wants to know why so many people view Windows XP through rose-tinted glasses and wonders whether Windows should be releasing a new version of XP. Wavechange isn’t convinced: ‘as computers are replaced, Windows 7 will grow in popularity and more users will experience the advantages of a more modern operating system.’

Councils can’t be trusted to cut parking charges

Guidelines stipulating high parking charges in town centres have been abandoned, so how come the cost of parking is still going up, asks Tim Pitt? Richard thinks it’s fair enough, ‘it is an income – pure and simple,’ he argues.

Does it matter that John Lewis has changed its price guarantee?

After it was revealed that John Lewis has made changes to its famous ‘Never knowingly undersold’ price guarantee, we wanted to know if it would stop you shopping there. ‘I actually like this development of the John Lewis value promise to embrace the extras often hidden in competitors’ terms,’ says John Ward.

Summer flowers in February? What a joke

Our gardening features editor, Veronica Peerless, was horrified to see summer bedding plants for sale in February, and thinks it will put novices off when they die in the frost. ‘I always feel so sorry for people loading up trolleys at garden centres with plants that you know don’t have a hope of survival,’ agrees Danny.

Is it practical to ban pedestrians from using mobiles?

That’s what Carl Kruga, a New York State Senator, is proposing, along with a $100 fine for anyone caught doing so. It might not be practical, but it could see us exercise more caution and courtesy, says Ben Stevens.

Do you want planes to have kid-free zones?

Kate Shipp caused quite a controversy when she asked if planes should have kid-free zones. Despite her reservations about how it would work in practice, she – and many commenters – thinks it’s a rather good idea. Do you?

When is it worth claiming expenses?

Did you hear about the MP claiming 40p expenses for riding his bike to work? Would you claim for small things like this? So far only 10% have said they don’t claim any expenses in our poll – cast you vote here.

Eggs of 2012 – batteries not included

From next year, eggs from caged hens will be banned. That’s great news, says Nick Franckom, but what about the welfare of chickens that are reared for meat?

Libraries beware: online ebook lending is the future

Ebook lending is taking off in the US – could it do the same here, and will it kill off libraries? ‘Public libraries are already a step ahead of you,’ says Chris. ‘You can borrow ebooks from some public libraries through their websites… and it is preferable to buying books.’

Is an A-level qualification enough for financial advisers?

So far, 40% of you think that independent financial advisers should be higher-qualified than A-level equivalent – the current minimum requirement. Do you agree with them, or do you think the A-level equivalent is sufficient?