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The Convo top ten – the eclectic edition

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This week we’ve had such a variety of Conversations that we couldn’t think of a theme for our top ten! So dip in to our most eclectic round-up yet – from green schemes to Asda dating – you won’t be disappointed.

Is CAB worth fighting for?

Despite facing tough budget cuts, Citizens Advice has submitted a super complaint into unethical lending practices. Martyn Saville believes this highlights how important it is, and many others agree, like Sheila Dean who says, ‘CABs are doing a first class job’.

Is anybody out there? Companies just aren’t listening

When Nikki Whiteman argued that companies aren’t listening to their customers enough, she got an avalanche of responses. Nigel’s complaint about New Look’s lack of communication even prompted the retailer to join the Conversation and help him out!

Have you been stung by rollover contracts?

Landline and broadband deals that lock you into a never-ending loop of rollover contracts could soon be banned by phone watchdog Ofcom. ‘Yay! Three cheers for this being picked up,’ rejoices Cat.

The Green Deal – will it save you money (as well as energy)?

The latest government scheme aims to help make homes more energy efficient – but is it worth it? The Energy Saving Trust joined the debate to say, ‘[The] Green Deal is potentially so exciting – it gets over two of the biggest barriers to people taking action: the upfront capital cost and the hassle factor.’

Own-label vs. big brand food – what’s in your trolley?

New research into who buys what at the supermarket indicates that we’re not just buying their own-label food, we’re also enjoying it in its own right. Vote in our poll to tell us how much own-label grub goes into your trolley each week.

Top 10 weak online passwords – is yours on the list?

Who’d be so stupid as to use passwords like ‘12345’ and ‘password’? Lots of people according to this list of the top ten weakest passwords. Luckily, our commenters have plenty of useful tips for finding more secure ones – that way you won’t need to remember over 78 different passwords, like Mike!

Is my smart meter spying on me?

With the roll-out of smart meters we could be giving our utility companies some extremely sensitive data every 30 minutes. Are you worried about companies collecting such detailed information about your habits and lifestyle?

Would you move house based on broadband speeds?

It may seem like a barmy question, but online property site Rightmove has teamed up with BT to list the broadband speed of homes. But there’s obviously a demand for it, as Colin says, ‘we moved a couple of years ago and broadband connection was definitely one of the criteria for choosing a house.’

It’s madness to crank the heating up high in winter

A new study reveals it’s not uncommon for people to have their heating at 27°C and even higher in the winter months. ‘This is a particular bugbear of mine,’ comments Emily. ‘I can’t stand an overheated house in winter – a view unfortunately not shared by my flatmates.’ Are you guilty of overheating your home?

Asda’s online dating – are supermarkets taking over?

Can you really find love based on what type of Pot Noodle and pizza topping you like best? According to Asda’s latest venture – Asda Dating – you can. As Cat says: ‘Oh my god!’